When Zachary Travis appeared on Fox’s perennial paean to pop, American Idol in 2006, Simon Cowell took one look at the long haired boy singing Whitney Houston’s “Queen of the Night” in a blouse and high heels and declared him to be “confused.” Well, Travis never made it to Hollywood, but like many a failed actor before him, he made it to the San Fernando Valley, home of oranges and porn.

And he’s not growing oranges. Working under the name Kirk Cummings, Travis has been seen in videos for Falcon, Channel 1, Hot House and Studio 2000 and on the cover of Freshmen.

The Sword, which broke the story, reports that Travis isn’t all that shy about his new career and that even his Mom supports it:

“Kirk” himself hasn’t exactly been quiet about his alter ego. Kirk’s Myspace band link goes to ZachIdol, a fansite for Zachary Travis. And in a recent interview for the Falcon blog, Kirk confessed that he’d been gossiped about in People magazine. (After the American Idol fiasco, Zach told People that “when I can afford it, I want to get the operation.”) While we certainly wish Zach the best in his future surgical endeavors, we’d hate to lose a piece as fine as this. Either way, Kirk’s lucky he’s got supportive parents — not only were they behind the transgendered young star at the Idol audition, they’ve now told him they want to go to the porn awards with him as well!

Considering the fate of most American Idols, we think Zachary/Kirk has made a brilliant-career move. Porn is a recession-proof industry and instead of dropping loads of saccharine overproduced pop-drivel onto the world, Zachary is doing what all entertainers want to do: Make people happy and get laid a lot. That he’s able to do both at the same time is just gravy. Who’s laughing now, Simon?

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