Fired For Taking Leave After Partner’s Mom Dies, Michael Aguayo Is Back On The Job Where He Claims He’s Sexually Harassed

Michael Aguayo, a gay Illinois man, is suing his old employers at Oak Park Village, claiming he was terminated after complaining about on-the-job anti-gay sexual harassment after colleagues learned in 2007 he is gay. Co-workers would describe malfunctioning equipment as “being gay,” his six-count civil suit alleges. He says brass did nothing when he went to them with complaints, instead demoting and eventually firing him, and would like $600,000 for Illinois Human Rights Act violations. And then there’s this: Aguayo is back to work at Oak Park Village, his attorney says, with his initial termination under the Family Medical Leave Act (he took off from work to attend the funeral of his partner’s mother) apparently reversed after his union reps met with his bosses.