Five Things You Need To Know About Timor Steffens, Madonna’s New Boy Toy

It’s been less than a month since Madonna split with longtime (at least for her) lover Brahim Zaibat, but Her Madgesty is reportedly already on to the next plaything in her chest of men. Honestly, would you have expected anything else?

True to form, the Material Girl has fallen for yet another one of her backup dancers, this time landing 26-year-old Dutch choreographer Timor Steffens. Radar Online reports that a source at designer Valentino Garavani’s private New Year’s Eve Party in Switzerland (during which she snapped their first photo as a couple) said their “chemistry…was pretty intense.”

She was reportedly “showing him off, drinking and dancing with him all over the place” and fellow party guest Elton John was not impressed. Bye, haters!

If he really is “good with her kids,” this one may stick around a while. Scroll down and get familiar with Timor Steffens, Madonna’s new boy toy:


He was mentored by Michael Jackson

Steffans was one of 12 principal dancers hired to dance alongside Michael Jackson during the “This Is It” tour, which was scheduled to take place from July 2009 through March 2010. The then 22-year-old says he continued dancing to carry on Jackson’s legacy of “inspiring and sharing,” beginning with a fierce tribute dance during a live broadcast at Jackson’s memorial service.

He was a runner-up on So You Think You Can Dance

Steffens’ first major break came in 2008, after signing up for the Dutch version of reality dance competition So You Think You Can Dance. It was his first major gig after studying at the Academy for Performing Arts and his weekly performances were so killer, he made it to the final two where he was awarded first runner-up. He claims the experience changed his life and he’s now recognized as one of Holland’s top dancers.

He’s danced for an incredible roster of high-profile celebrities

On top of giving choreography workshops around the world, acting, and modeling, Steffens’ resume boasts a ton of work with high-profile celebrities like Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, Beyonce, Usher, Rihanna, and of course, Madonna—a collection of his work with each can be seen in the reel above (or watch each video individually here!). Most recently, Steffens was a member of Chris Brown’s regular dance company.


He’s got big dreams

Look out, world! Timor is about to take you by storm. According to his website, “Timor’s main goal is to become one of the best choreographers and art directors in the world, as well a renowned actor. With his work Timor wants to inspire people worldwide in all aspects of life.”

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He looks amazing without his shirt

An absolute must for any man that thinks he’s good enough to hang off Her Madgesty’s arm! Thank god he’s an active Instagram user.

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7768615739_timor-steffens-le-nouveau-copain-de-madonna3 (1)timor-steffens--478x270

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  • Tackle

    Well it’s obvious that she has a type. And it’s not a bad thing at all.

  • Louis

    Of course gay men dress well… They didn’t spend all that time in the closet doing nothing..” // smh hahaha

    What this dude said on twitter in response too kattwilliams .

    Im not understanding this am I supposed too be drooling over another ignorant juvenile straight guy who thinks it is FUNNY and humorous too lessen the struggles gay kids and teens go through nowadays regarding their sexuality and being in the closet?

    I think not he can go join the rest of the ignorant macho jock ignorant straight men such as himself.

  • Spike

    These guys are like the male version of the chicks that date Hugh Hefner. Basically you get on the gravy train ride, screw a saggy old person as part of the price and know that you will most def be replaced sooner then later.

  • KittyLitter

    Five thing ‘we’ need to know? Surely there are more important things out there to report than this garbage.

  • litper

    @Louis: straight? He’s not.

  • jonjct

    @litper: definitely not straight. but that’s good for our side.

  • jimbryant

    Madonna is a woman who made a lot of money by exploiting the misguided devotions of gay men. Her strategy involved issuing very occasional pro-gay statements while selling the concept of female bisexuality (but not male bisexuality) to the masses. She used us gay guys as a cover to disguise her strategy – ie sleazy, porn-like depictions of women that titillate straight guys who think gay guys are gross and disgusting.

    We’ve woken up to your strategy, Madge, and that’s why we’ve turned against you.

    As for her purported mew boyfriemd, he has a big nose.

  • seaguy

    @jimbryant: misguided devotions? Your entitled to your own views but frankly your wrong. Madonna’s career records speak to the fact that more than just gay men are her fans take this billboard.com post:
    Since arriving on the Hot 100 the week of Oct. 29, 1983, with “Holiday,” she has earned a total of 56 chart hits, including a record 38 top 10 singles. Yes, you read that right: Madonna has more top 10 hits than any other artist in the 55-year history of the chart (and incidentally, Madonna was born the exact same month as the Hot 100, which also just celebrated its 55th birthday). The Beatles are in second place, with 34 top 10s.

    Your just a bitter hater.

  • seaguy

    She has always had a thing for latino’s and bad boy’s. Carlos Leon father of Lola is one example and Sean Penn another they called the two the poison penn’s when they were married. She is not the only Couger out there. Hell this guy is cute and he must be good in bed. So go for it Madonna!

  • jimbryant


    Madonna has had a 30 year career. The Beatles only had a 6 year career. Comparing her hits to theirs is therefore ludicrous.

    The Beatles had more no. 1 singles than Madonna has ever had.

    I notice you conveniently neglect to mention the bisexual double standard which she promoted. If ever there’s a homophobic double standard, it’s the bisexual double standard. Thumbs down to Madonna and any other woman who promotes this double standard.

  • Palto

    I love Madge but let’s face facts here… Do the litmus test: would these guys be dating Madge if she were making minimum wage at a CVS?

    At this stage I would say the correct term for these youngsters are not boyfriends but a combination of starfuckers / hired escorts.

  • Harley

    So if Madonna were a man,would he not be labeled a pedofile by some commenters on this site?

  • AuntieChrist

    I’m pretty sure Miss Thing knows exactly what shes getting…Just think about it girls, when you bitches get old (and you will) you better have made some bank if you ever what to get laid past 40…LOL

  • Niall

    @Harley: Of course not, it’s all, “omg cougar”, meanwhile DLB who’s alleged relationships with people younger did not have such an age gap is being labelled a creep.

    @AuntieChrist: By that age, I kinda hope I’d be able to find people my own age or close.

  • CarlyGoringavo

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  • Teresa F. Baldwin

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  • Bob LaBlah

    I give it until Friday that JLo will announce her latest twenty-two year old Craigslist bubble-butt double-dildo loving hi-pitched voice pickup. You have to love these those two old sluts whom I can see wreathing all over the bed screaming ‘eat me harder” at the top of their lungs while having sex with these gay kids.

    If I were promised a half-million dollars worth of prizes (Escalades, suits, watches and a VERY decent amount of pocket money) that I don’t have to pay taxes on by the time it’s over I would do it too.

  • Kangol

    Miss Thing can pick them.

    He is a cutie!

  • Catharine A. Rumfelt

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  • ezywonder

    @Tackle: Hi, kids ! Meet Mom’s latest jump-off…

  • Black Pegasus


  • jimbryant

    Don’t trust Madonna. She’s a woman who used the known strategy of appealing to straight guys by using gay men as a cover.

    Female performers often use gay men to cover or disguise the fact that they are using nudity and lesbianism to appeal to the type of guys who think male homosexuality is gross and disgusting.

  • Stache1

    @Niall: Some people would rather not have sex at all then consider that. The scary part of getting older is that there’s just not allot of good role models out there.

  • alterego1980

    Who says money can’t buy you happiness…at least for a little while. Good for her. And good for him too. He’ll meet all kinds of people and make all kinds of contacts the whole time he’s perched on her arm, they both win.

  • patricklee5150


  • WayDifferent

    Either she wakes up or she’ll be joining Whitney soon.

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