FL Democrats Make Noble But Doomed Attempt To Get Domestic Partnerships

Florida Democrats Representative Mark Pafford and Senator Eleanor Sobel just entered a bill into the state legislature to offer domestic partnerships so that more Fortune 500 companies come to the Sunshine State. Republican opponents say that the law would violate the state’s 2008 constitutional ban on marriage equality and civil unions. But even though 62 percent of Florida’s voter supported the ban back then, a June 2011 poll found 67 percent of Floridians support legal recognition of same-sex couples now. But with Republican majority in both the House and the Senate, the bill looks likely to perish.

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  • DAN

    Florida is truly the worst state.

    After all the current governor is a former criminal

  • x

    As a Florida resident I feel obligated to correct DAN’s statement.

    Rick Scott is still a criminal. He’s just the one in charge now.

  • Dallas David

    Gotta begin somewhere.
    Best wishes to their efforts . . .

  • ewe

    There are some very backward people in Florida that eat squirrel soup on a regular basis.

  • Riker

    Yet Another instance of Democrats making pointless gestures in an attempt to rally their voter base and get more $$$. Rather than, you know, actually accomplishing something.

  • mike

    @DAN: Criminals are always and forever criminals, never “former” criminals.

  • tjr101

    Florida is the nation’s dumping ground for worthless retires that vote Republican against their own interests.

  • Dallas David

    @tjr101: Lots of younger gay Republicans here in Texas, too.
    Imagine my shock and horror when, recovering from a Sunday morning of carnal activity, he told me of his campaigning for Texas Senator Phil Graham.
    While I was out campaigning for Texas Democrats, most of my gay friends didn’t want Democrat yard signs. Some of them were content to keep living their gay lives in the shadows . . .
    Sheesh . . .
    Texas . . .

  • Dallas David

    @Dallas David: There’s no edit on this this, is there?
    Well, I was referring to my ex in the above comment . . .

    Me: “Mmmm . . . mmmm . . . Say, I think I’ll look into campaigning for Clinton this year.”
    Ex: “Yeah? . . . Who’s he? I have some experience in politics myself. I helped get Phil Gramm elected.”
    Me: (jumps out of bed, shocked) “What! You did WHAT!”

    And he had no idea . . .
    Turns out his mom is a member of 1st Babtist in Dallas, and that’s where he got his brainwashing as a kid.

    Sigh . . .

  • Peter

    This is the second time a domestic partnership bill has been introduced in Florida. The first was HB-361 “Florida Companion Registry” in 2008.

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