Florida Family Association Boycotts Target For Supporting Degrassi, The Trevor Project

Apparently some right-wingers really do believe the only good homosexual is a dead homosexual.

The Florida Family Association is calling for a boycott of Target because the big-box store runs ads during Nick Teen’s Degrassi, which also runs public-service announcements for the Trevor Project’s Help Line, a suicide-prevention hotline aimed at LGBT youth.

The FFA tried to sink the show for it’s LGBT inclusiveness once before, but had little success.

On its site, the FFA explains its most recent attack:

MTV is airing through their Teen Nick channel for kids episodes of the show called Degrassi which affirms and promotes the homosexual and transgender lifestyle and other inappropriate behavior to an audience of millions of young teens and children…

The Trevor Help Line promotion aired during “the Beat” It episode when teen Riley declined reparative therapy for his homosexuality.  Click here for info on Riley’s (highly unlikely) casting as open gay football captain and starting quarterback.

This promo during Degrassi directed teens and children to an organization that would encourage them to embrace a different sexual identity that may stay with them for life.  The Trevor Help Line web site has a constant help link called “THINGS TO CONSIDER WHEN COMING OUT” and is currently promoting “Gay History Month.”

Not only is Teen Nick affirming the homosexual and transgender lifestyles in the content of the program itself but also includes promotions during Degrassi which lead America’s youth toward, not away from embracing these behaviors.

Degrassi is one of the most shameful shows on television because of the inappropriate content that intentionally targets our youth. Target is the only major retail chain that is advertising during this shameful show.

Of course, The FFA, which was founded by former accountant David Caton in 1987, doesn’t mention that the Trevor Help Line is there to help queer youth who are at the end of their rope and contemplating suicide. It makes it sound like some kind of party line where you can pick up sex tips and cocktail recipes.

We think everyone should stop by Target on your way home and buy one of those 12-packs of toilet paper or a few packs of sweat socks. Even if you don’t need them.


Source: Think Progress

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  • macmantoo

    I guess this organization will continue to promote hate toward gays regardless. I think what Degrassi has done is fantastic. They show that kids of all types can get along and how to solve the problems they face. Can we find out who supports FFA so we can boycott them? I think a tit for tat is in order.

  • Shannon1981

    Not at all surprising. They want us dead, and anyone who says so is deluded.

  • Shannon1981

    who says otherwise*

  • DJ Veno

    I love Reily and Zan’s story line, this show was a big help to the to teens… but as always the you have people bitching, that episode is old btw.

  • iDavid

    I think we need to start honoring ourselves by calling these anti-gay family orgs “anti-family” as we are as much “family” as anyone.

    The Anti-Family Research Council and the Florida Anti-Family Assoc, are very much alike.

  • Skeloric

    Up here in Minnesota, Target got in trouble for financially supporting a strongly homophobic candidate for Minnesota Governor, looks like the backlash from that got them to do a little “damage control”.

  • Stephen

    How could anyone protest a suicide hotline?

  • Khristiaan

    I never knew about this! Im honestly shocked. I have the first ten seasons on dvd and yet i never thought it suggested to recruit or to encourage any behaviors if teens are not gay or otherwise. Degrassi was only reaching out to those that are. I have seen much worst on this show from the hetero perspective. lets not forget Drews Bj in the boiler room but you dont hear christians complain about that. hmmm i wonder if its because there getting some on the side.

  • JAW

    Does this mean that Our boycott is over???

    I am confused… I thought that we were boycotting and the group like FFA were Buying at Target like crazy

    So Now we Buy and they Boycott???

    or do we all boycott???


  • Cam

    The Headline is misleading. Target is NOT supporting the Trevor Project. Target is advertising on a popular show that ALSO runs PSA’s for the Trevor Project.

    Target has probably arranged to publicize this to try to pretend that they are now pro-gay.

    They have STILL not changed any corporate policies that previous had them donating to anti-gay candidates and have not weighed in on the MN anti-gay bill that is going up for a vote even though they are headquartered there.

  • fredo777

    These people make me fucking sick.

  • Josh

    Damn, Target just can’t win.

    I still shop there with no hint of guilt.

  • Riker

    @Stephen: Nailed it, but it’s worth repeating for emphasis: How could anyone who *claims* to have morals protest against a suicide hotline?

  • Cam

    @Josh: said…

    “Damn, Target just can’t win.
    I still shop there with no hint of guilt.”

    They donate to politicians that are associated with groups who say gays should be killed. Their CEO has a son studying at the FRC’s project.

    Now you’re trying to say “They can’t win”, acting like them advertising on a show that is popular has anything to do with supporting gay rights?

    Go ahead and shop there if you want, but crowing about it, you’re not much different than a black person shopping at a store owned by David Duke.

  • Stephen

    I’m not sure why Target is getting all the attention. Nickelodeon is the one promoting the “pro-gay agenda” (correction: suicide hotline). Target just happens to have a commercial on this channel (along with countless other companies). But then again there is no use trying to make sense of the incredibly misguided actions of the Florida Family Association.

  • Stephen

    Click the following URL to see these “moral” people discussing this issue (along with a few gays and allies trying to defend their position). There are also some very interesting heated debates on that same site (such as how the media is wrongly blowing up the whole bullying issue and how a gay kiss at a play is so horrifying).


  • blatherer

    If there are opposing boycotts, does that mean we can shop there again?

  • Little Kiwi

    the Degrassi series has been bringing legitimate actual factual issues to young Canadian audiences since the 1980s. no wonder Canada continues to lead the way in LGBT understanding and Equality.

  • Michael

    These people are fucking ridiculous they need to just come out and create an Ihatefags organizations oh wait… my bad NOM and Focus on the Family already took care of that .

    Degrassi even though Ive never really watched it has indeed been a very progressive and intelligent show that has shined a light on very relevant important and realistic issues.

    I’d be much more interested in shows that the FFA puts out in all honesty Im sure they would be so much more enlightening and meaningful.

    For instance : watch 2 wonderful parents and their religious way of raising their children in the new hit comedy: Honey I Stoned the Kids or the new drama about a family who lives in fear everytime they see 2 gay guys kiss or people kiss in general won’t you join us for the new hit drama Prude Central?

    Those sound sooo much more interesting :)

  • Jeremy

    I swear these Christians are out to get everyone… You know what, you have all sinned more then once oh its a fact… I’m sure you don’t all go by the damn bible if you did you wouldn’t be hating on people, and you would be a hell of a lot nicer…. And when you all GO to HELL we will all be there to LAUGH in your faces….

  • Cam

    @Michael: said…

    “These people are fucking ridiculous they need to just come out and create an Ihatefags organizations oh wait… my bad NOM and Focus on the Family already took care of that .”

    Perfectly said.

  • evlqn

    Oh my giddy aunt!! are these people nuts?? I personally don’t care for a lot of the shows that are on but it isn’t because they are recruiting teens to become gay! Has anyone broken the news to them, you are either gay or you are not. You can’t catch it from a shared soda, using the same bathroom, and you can’t catch it from a TV show. I’m not gay but if I were it wouldn’t be because I saw it on TV. I used to watch Liberace all the time, I still can’t play piano and I don’t wear rhinestones. At the age of 6 & 7 my sons knew the difference between real and play pretend. Isn’t it time the FAA got as smart as a kid? Our grandsons sometimes watch this show and they haven’t become gay from it either, nor have they gotten the bug from the few kids at school who have come out. Their only concern is whether or not the kids are still going to play varsity football, we need the win.

  • Mrn

    The Florida Family Association Inc. (David Caton President) 990 tax filings have some interesting information. They claim in recent years to have received no donation for more than 2% of the total donated. Thus no donors are reportable to the IRS. That seems atypical for these types of organizations. More interesting are the expenditures for various types of insurance which are not listed as employee compensation, but which in some recent years exceed all salaries paid by the organization. Someone should have this looked at by a qualified expert to determine if anything is irregular in these filings. Can you help with this?

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