Florida Family Association Boycotts Target For Supporting Degrassi, The Trevor Project

Apparently some right-wingers really do believe the only good homosexual is a dead homosexual.

The Florida Family Association is calling for a boycott of Target because the big-box store runs ads during Nick Teen’s Degrassi, which also runs public-service announcements for the Trevor Project’s Help Line, a suicide-prevention hotline aimed at LGBT youth.

The FFA tried to sink the show for it’s LGBT inclusiveness once before, but had little success.

On its site, the FFA explains its most recent attack:

MTV is airing through their Teen Nick channel for kids episodes of the show called Degrassi which affirms and promotes the homosexual and transgender lifestyle and other inappropriate behavior to an audience of millions of young teens and children…

The Trevor Help Line promotion aired during “the Beat” It episode when teen Riley declined reparative therapy for his homosexuality.  Click here for info on Riley’s (highly unlikely) casting as open gay football captain and starting quarterback.

This promo during Degrassi directed teens and children to an organization that would encourage them to embrace a different sexual identity that may stay with them for life.  The Trevor Help Line web site has a constant help link called “THINGS TO CONSIDER WHEN COMING OUT” and is currently promoting “Gay History Month.”

Not only is Teen Nick affirming the homosexual and transgender lifestyles in the content of the program itself but also includes promotions during Degrassi which lead America’s youth toward, not away from embracing these behaviors.

Degrassi is one of the most shameful shows on television because of the inappropriate content that intentionally targets our youth. Target is the only major retail chain that is advertising during this shameful show.

Of course, The FFA, which was founded by former accountant David Caton in 1987, doesn’t mention that the Trevor Help Line is there to help queer youth who are at the end of their rope and contemplating suicide. It makes it sound like some kind of party line where you can pick up sex tips and cocktail recipes.

We think everyone should stop by Target on your way home and buy one of those 12-packs of toilet paper or a few packs of sweat socks. Even if you don’t need them.


Source: Think Progress

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