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Focus On The Family Celebrates 5th Year Of Mass Layoffs

In 2007, Focus On The Family laid off 30 of their staffers. In 2008, they let another 202 people go. In 2009, they made 75 cuts. In 2010, it was 100. And now they’ve capped their fifth consecutive year of layoffs by getting rid of 49 more employees and announcing that they’ll have to cut $10 million from their 2012 budget. A very merry unbirthday to you, FoF!

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  • Cam

    Thats the dirty little secret of the Anti-Gay movement.

    The Mormon Church is the main funder of NOM, because individuals aren’t donating enough to support groups like them or Focus on the Family.

    Even with DADT being repealed they can’t scare up enough in donations to even pay their staff salaries.

  • GreatGatsby2011

    It just doesn’t pay to hate anymore.


    Hee Hee

  • Michael

    Finally some karma for these bigoted assholes.They have the blood of so many innocent teenagers kids and adults on their hands.

  • Sami

    Just how many people does Focus on the Family employ? How large is that hate group?

  • TMikel

    However many people FOF employs, this is a significant number of lay offs and every person laid odd, is one less being paid to spread lies about the LGBT community. In other words, this is a good thing. Perhaps we will live to see the day this hate group is gone for good!

  • Robert in NYC

    Now on to NOM. Get their donor list, expose it and see how the funds dry up. That’s the only thing they’re scared of and the reason why they’re trying to get their appeals heard. They claim they’re only protecting the security of their donors for course, utter b.s.

  • randy

    By my count, that’s about 450 employees laid off. WTF do these people do? I think the World Bank has fewere employees!

  • the crustybastard

    Why did this scare Santa?

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