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A gay ‘Bachelor?’ It could happen…

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Just one day after former The Bachelor star Colton Underwood came out as gay, Hollywood has already begun to eye a new, gay iteration of the series.

TMZ reports that while no formal discussions have begun just yet, the producers of the long-running ABC reality series have already begun to eye the possibility of an all-gay version of the show. The website reports “bigwigs on the show haven’t weighed in and there has been no formal discussion, but creative ideas for TV shows typically begin with shop talk among producers and other staff, and that’s happening now.”

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Whether or not a gay Bachelor would involve the return of Underwood–who is already filming a new reality show with Gus Kenworthy for Netflix–remains an open question.

Despite the popularity of dating and relationship reality shows such as The Bachelor and its female counterpart The Bachelorette, LGBTQ-themed relationship shows remain sparse. In 2003, the Bravo series Boy Meets Boy broke new ground by featuring a gay man looking for a mate. Unfortunately, the show also featured the questionable twist that half of his potential suitors were actually straight. That twist invited harsh criticism from critics and LGBTQ people; the show was not renewed for a second season. In 2019 the MTV series Are You The One? produced a season comprised entirely of sexually fluid contestants (including one transgender man) vying for a cash prize if they could “correctly” pair with their best match on the show.

We also have to point out that given the history of some wild hooking up on The Bachelor, an all-gay version would probably be a ratings winner…for one reason or another. Just sayin’.

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