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Gay basher Kathryn Knott forced to fork over a ton of money to the men she brutally assaulted

After a lengthy court battle, convicted gay basher Kathryn Knott and her homophobic friends have finally settled a civil suit filed against them by the gay couple they brutally attacked three years ago.

Victims Andrew Haught and Zachary Hesse were seeking more than $500,000 from a total of 10 counts of assault and battery against Knott and her two cohorts Kevin Harrigan and Philip Williams, the Philly Voice reports.

In case you need a recap: The couple was physically and verbally assaulted by Knott, Harrigan, and Williams in September 2014. Haught was beaten so badly that he was knocked unconscious and suffered a broken jaw. In addition to their physical injuries, the two men say they sustained psychological injury, emotional distress, mental anguish, humiliation, and embarrassment.

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After the attack, Harrigan and Williams both accepted plea deals and were sentenced to probation and community service at a local LBGTQ center. Knott chose to stand trial, where she was found guilty of simple assault, conspiracy to commit simple assault, and two counts of reckless endangerment. She served five months at the Riverside Correctional Facility followed by two years’ probation and had to pay a $2,000 fine.

Haught and Hesse’s $500,000 civil suit was originally filed back in May 2016. This week, it was settled for an undisclosed amount, just three weeks before the trial was set to begin.

But don’t think that because her prison sentence is over and a settlement has been reached that Knott’s legal troubles are anywhere close to being over.

She and her father, Karl, who serves as captain of the Central Bucks Regional Police Department, are named in a federal retaliation suit filed by a woman who says they conspired against her for mocking Knott on several online comment boards during her trial. The woman claims they used department resources to illegally track down her IP address and then threatened criminal charges for exercising her first amendment rights.

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  • Rex Huskey

    what exactly is a “ton of money”?

    • Alan down in Florida

      Two thousand pounds of legaltender,

    • Garth

      Ha ha ha ha ! Wicked reply , gave me a great laugh .

    • Rex Huskey

      yes, a great come-back.. Hoo Hoo!!

      Guess I should have asked “how much is a ton of money worth….”

  • Bob LaBlah

    Wow! Considering the lengths they went thru to get even they are no doubt republicans.

    • Eric R. Wilson

      No, they’re human beings who were criminally wronged…. Unlike their cowardly attackers, they’re handling this in strict accordance with the letter of the law. This is certainly not about political affiliations.

    • PinkoOfTheGange

      @Eric I believe Bob was referring to the actions the Knotts want to as described in the final paragraph.

    • batesmotel

      How the ‘f’ did you manage to turn this into political sides?

    • Bob LaBlah

      @batesmotel………….read my name again. Hopefully that will make you stop wondering how it was possible. lol lol

  • Eric R. Wilson

    Good for them.!! Do not allow cowards, who only find the courage to act on their hatred when they’re in the company of a gang of fellow bigots, to deter you from seeking redress. Pursue them criminally and civilly to the fullest extent of the law.

    • fur_hunter

      Eric…..Slowly, slowly the wheel is turning. I have seen much in my years, improving things for the gay community. I was 24 when the Stonewall event happened in June of 1969. It began the gay movement towards equality. I thought I would never see same-sex marriage legalized in my lifetime. Well, surprise. Unfortunately, my partner died of a heart attack on May 20, 2014. So we never got the chance to do it. But the wheel continues to turn. This time of this administration is a setback time, but not to worry. As the old saying goes. And this, too, shall pass. GRIN!

  • sfcarlos65

    Buck up, honey! Don’t you know that what you do comes back to you??

  • JerseyMike


  • jimmypalmieri

    Dear Knott family,
    Crime doesn’t pay. IT COSTS. Clearly you should have known that. And Mr. Knott….YOU DO NOT DESERVE T BE IN THE POSITION YOU ARE IN. Clearly you and your wife should have taken parenting classes, as you have raised a criminal. OH THE SWEET IRONY.

    • davenbill

      Couldn’t agree more. The parents should be charged with abuse and neglect of their child which should have been removed from their home years ago, The poor excuse for a father should be removed from his position on the police force in light of the misconduct he executed by abusing his position and allowing his spawn to ,manipulate him to do so and carry out inappropriate acts of her own (like ‘fixing’ tickets, harassing people at his daughter’s request, receiving alcoholic beverages from his daughter while on duty, etc, etc. — it’s all been reported before but nothing is done– that “good ole boy” attitude once again) No amount of money can undo the harm this moral deviate and her cohorts perpetrated.

    • dougmbaaser

      You know she was 24, right?

  • Danny595

    Why did America’s oldest gay magazine, The Advocate, run a piece expressing sympathy for the gay basher, Kathryn Knott, calling her a “victim,” and attacking gay people as “misogynists” for being mean to her online? How could such a piece run in a gay magazine? It’s because that is what inevitably happens when “gay” is taken over by “queer.” The Advocate made a conscious decision to become a “queer” website several years ago, and part of being “queer” is saying outrageous, unconventional things which assail expected norms.

    So now it is not uncommon to see in this formerly gay magazine pieces defending and sympathizing with gay bashers, attacking marriage equality, attempting to divide gay people by race and ethnicity, de-gaying gay history, and subordinating gay identity to transgenderism. Keep this in mind as you read “Queerty.”

  • Kangol

    Why isn’t she rotting behind bars?

    • starzy johnson

      She got out after 5 months, I believe.

  • o.codone

    I’m looking and looking for a dollar amount, but I get nothing but fantastical claims that the woman has to pay “a ton of money” to her victims. The headline is bullsh*it. Nobody knows if she has to pay even one dollar in a civil award. This is a completely fabricated headline, in other words, it’s fake “news”, if it’s “news” at all. Good job Queerty. You just make things up to promote an agenda, which is not necessarily even the gay agenda, but more like that progressive (read antifa, liberal) one. Fail.

  • silveroracle

    As somebody who has been gay bashed, I’m glad that this didn’t go without the attackers getting their Just deserts.
    Karma has come around.

    • starzy johnson

      These men were so seriously hurt, really harmed. They wanted all the defendants to plead guilty to the lesser charge so as not to have a horrible criminal record. This arrogant woman and her wretched father have been trying to beat the system all along, and yes, karma came around and swatted her hard. Now if it would hit her pop, too, on the bum and he’d learn a thing or two, but evidently he will not.

  • starzy johnson

    I really feel this is a case of messed-up parenting if I have ever seen one.
    How stupid is this father? He’s a cop, she’s the only one who didn’t plead guilty to a lesser charge, and she got convicted.
    Her father let her ride along on arrests, and she tweeted about it. She was fired from her position at a hospital for tweeting medical information and breaking HIPAA laws, not to mention her homophobic and racist remarks on social media, too.
    And, Dad, you tried to get revenge on someone who wrote something bad about your messed-up daughter who committed a hate crime against two gay men? What is wrong with you? Just plain ineducable?
    Kathryn Knott needs deprogramming and to get a few gay, black, Jewish, Muslim, and transgender friends. Maybe she has a chance at being a real human being. Coming from where she did, her chances are none.
    Redeem yourself, woman.

  • batesmotel

    She should’ve been sentenced to at least twenty years in prison for her crime.

    • starzy johnson

      I have a feeling this will not be her last rodeo.
      What was done to those men was terrible. Terrible.

  • IanHunter

    Hopefully she and her friends will have their lives ruined and live out their miserable lives in a living hell.

  • jhon_siders

    Ok boys and gals this is why I keep saying you need to arm your self to protect your body from attacks look up and join the local Pink Pistols chapter lean how to safely use a fire arm get your states CCW permit and carry !! The cops will not be there to protect you !! they do not arrive in time like on TV and movies to save your butt ! I work with the Louisville KY chapter check out there main web page to see if you have a local group as they say armed gays do not get bashed !

  • DCguy

    The fact that her father used police dept resources to track down and harass a woman who mocked the daughter shows exactly where Kathryn got her attitude.

    She has not only ruined her own reputation and gotten herself a criminal record, and been fired from her job….she has now gotten her father involved in a federal lawsuit as well.

    She fought the charge and went to court when everybody else plead out landing herself in jail. Then she tried to intimidate a witness. She is just proving that she is an aggressive monster who will NEVER take responsibility for her actions.

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