Gay Calendar Takes On Catholicism

Once a rabble-rouser, always a rabble-rouser! Albert Marchena made headlines in Spain two years ago, when he and his boyfriend became the nation’s first same-sex military couple to tie the knot. The men have since split.

Fast forward to today and Marchena’s again ruffling feathers with a new calendar:

The 2009 calendar includes images of gay men embracing on a church altar wearing nothing but dog collars, a transsexual crucifixion, and a naked angel striking a provocative pose in a cemetery.

Other pictures show naked men within military scenes, including one gay model wearing only chains photographed in front of an army tank.

Mr Marchena believes that none of the 24 images contained within his Arcoiris calendar should be considered ‘blasphemous’.

“I’m promoting tolerance and equality and this is a way of showing that we can all be united in one place, in this case on the pages of a calendar,” Mr Marchena told Spanish newspaper 20 Minutos.

Calendars, of course, are far easier templates for achieving unity.