Gay Pride Parade Hating Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford Arrested

Birmingham mayor and professional Colonel Sanders impersonator Larry Langford was arrested today by federal authorities on questions about county bond funds and the mayor’s own personal finances. The exact charges are under court seal, but according to The Birmingham News:

“Langford, LaPierre and Montgomery investment banker Bill Blount are accused in a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission lawsuit of not disclosing $156,000 in payments to Langford. The SEC has accused Blount of paying Langford through LaPierre as part of a plan to secure Jefferson County financial business when Langford was Jefferson County Commission president.”

Langford made national news earlier this year as well when he refused to issue a parade permit to the Birmingham Gay Pride Parade, in addition to refusing any use of public property for the parade. At the time Langford said, “I don’t think I’m intolerant, I just don’t condone the lifestyle. Your personal lifestyle should be nobody’s issue but yours. It’s not a civil rights issue, it’s a personal choice issue.”

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  • Darth Paul

    I don’t think I’m gloating, I just don’t think corrupt, hateful fossils should be allowed to remain in office.

  • Phil

    I like to gloat, and I think that these hateful old fossils should be allowed to run/remain in office so that everybody sees them for the asshats they are.

  • Eugene

    Was Langford born corrupt or did he choose the corrupt lifestyle?

  • Joe Moag

    Larry’s gonna learn a lot more about that “lifestyle” up close and personal when he meets his 400 lb. cell mate, Tiny.

  • Kevin

    Enjoy prison, you corrupt bitch.

  • blake

    “Col. Sanders”? Too fun! LOL!

    Langford is arguing that he is being targeted because he and the others are Democrats. That charge is not too far fetched given the political prosecutions under Bush’s Justice Department.

  • John

    The guy is soo gay.

    Oh why o why??

    Check rods site for his fucked up past..

    I’m not trying to push his site but he seems to be the only site that has a researched analysis of this…ASSHOLE/PRICK/ETC..

  • BobP

    It seems like every time one of the dickwads opens their mouth, it comes back to bite them in the ass.
    Karma is on our side.

  • Brian

    Thank you god

  • michael

    Karma is on our side and the world is spinning faster than ever. Hang on boys and girls cause its gonna be a lot of fun watching all the fucktards that will be going down the next few years. The age of Aquarius is upon us and all things hidden shall be revealed. Its live in the light time brothers and sisters and we LGBT’s are about to shine!

  • Tom in Lazybrook

    Leapin’ Larry (his nickname in Alabama) got what he deserved!

  • lisa young

    I think the gay society wants more rights than any other group there is. However, most only hate; and have no tolerance for anyone other than themselves. I use to believe that heterosexual people were mean and hateful to the gay society. But so many of you are beginning to demonstrate more hate than any other group of people in the world. You want everyone to respect your lifestyle, you want to shove it down our throats. but all that I have heard from anyone in your group is hate and untolerance for anyone who says to you, no. I don’t believe that any group of people are treated the way they would like to be treated all the time. But you all are starting to becoming frightening; a threat to your own survival. You haven’t been mistreated for 200 years. You cannot change people by hating them more than they hate you. when I was in HS I took the time to treat gay boys/girls with dignity and respect and in returned I asked nothing, I was popular and I wanted people to see the goodness in all people. What’s wrong with turning the other cheek? Treating people the way you want to be treated, despite how they have treated you. I believe that love conquers and change us all. No matter who we love rather it be a man and a woman; or two women or two men. Love has the same affect on us all. Try loving and forgiving people again and watch your lives change. Because Jesus is love! My intention is not to offend or injury or cause distress. Is merely to remind a people that hatred, and unforgiveness destroys a people, just look around sometimes and see for yourself.

    Concerned about your survival.

  • kevin57

    So, Lisa, being angry over a homophobic mayor’s refusal to grant a parade permit is hateful, how?

  • Phil

    1. It’s stupid of you to think we want more rights.
    2. We are, in fact, being mistreated now and have been for the “past 200 years”.
    3. We have been silent for the “past 200 years” and that has gotten us nowhere.
    4. If you truly expected nothing in return from a group you “treated with dignity”, then you would not sound so vindicated, would you?

  • chuck

    @lisa young:

    Love the sin.

    Hate the sinner. lol

  • Anonymous

    please do not respond to the Christian trolls – believe me when I say you will NEVER change their mind. It is a waste of time and only “empowers them” when we dignify their junk with a response.

  • Anonymous

    Start with the Cmdr and Chief and lock him up if you want real justice! Mostly if not all politicians are corrupt. Before all you judgemental people with nothing better to do than make comments showing how ignorant you are, wait until the inks dries before you make that “Judgement” and throw some stones! Get a life the media is the most corrupt legal system for posting thoughts more than facts!!!!!!!!

  • horus

    i guess you’ll see what it’s really about in the BIG house, leapin’ larry…

  • lisa young

    My intention wasn’t to throw stones or cause distress. My intentions were to remind people that we must show ourselves in love, and when people despiteful say or do things to offend we must still love them. And not become more hateful than they are; hatred changes nothing. I am not some christian fanatic; I’m a person who read the story of larry langford, I don’t know him anymore than I know any of you. I accidentally end up on your cite and when I read the comments all I heard was hate. I felt a desire to say something. Not to judge, if I have offended anyone please forgive me, it wasnt my intent.

  • mark

    payback is a BITCH!

    was there a secretary or consultant who was gay/lesbian or one of our friends or family members?

    They’ll NEVER KNOW, don’t mess with us, we are EVERYWHERE, and we’re P*SSED!

  • mark


    good news bad news

    yeah, ya lose 156 grand

    but ya earn your street cred

  • chuck

    @lisa young:

    Sorry, girlfriend. You may think that you mean well, like so many other Christians who constantly preach at us (for our own good, of course) that you have the “right” and the “obligation” to do so because YOUR God wants you to.


    The very fact that you FELT that you needed to say something, is judgemental in and of itself. But, I guess that is a hard concept for self0righteous folks like yourself to wrap your noggin around.

    If you really feel the need to “say something”, then say your Rosary Beads…and spare the rest of us, puleeeeeze.

    If you “accidentally” fell into this room and you do not like what you are hearing in here…there is a door and you are free to use it anytime you like. You are here by choice (remember that nice Christian word?) and no one is twisting your arm to remain here, read the posts or preach to us.

    Bye now.

  • That Guy

    About damn time. This man is the definition of political corruption and stupidity. And I honestly find his comments about the gay community funny – when he’s posted debts of 45k+ for CLOTHING.

  • Leeda

    Karma’s a bitch!

  • lisa young


    Because anger is often a stepping-stone that allows hate to enter our thoughts and our hearts. And when we verbalize it we create bad charma for our own lives. It’s my belief that we attract what we say and do. If we speak ill of others than we speak ill into our own lives. You see what’s happening to Larry Langford. We all must practice restraint with our own emotions. Some people have reacted to me adversely, I respect that and I accept that we all are uniquely different, and we express ourselves as we see fit. I am an outsider who’s glad that she accidentally enter your cite. Thank you, Kevin57.
    I hope I don’t sound self-righteous, because I’m not.

  • Charles J. Mueller

    Why is it that there is always someone present to preach to the victims about anger, being forgiving and not being hateful, but they never preach to the abusers who are angry, non-forgiving and hateful?

    Just saying….

  • niles

    Wise up, don’t feed the trolls. As for the christianists latest gambit: the mean violent hateful gays – I personally love it. It’s a lot better to be considered the badass than the helpless victim.

  • Shani

    Another ignorant African American homophobic dickhead.

  • Joe Moag

    @Shani: I guess it would be just fine if he was white, huh?

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