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Gay pro baseball player Solomon Bates claps back at trolls upset the Giants are considering a woman (gasp!) for manager

Solomon Bates

The San Francisco Giants are looking for a new manager after firing Gabe Kapler, one of our favorite baseball hunks and allies.

Last week, the team interviewed assistant coach Alyssa Nakken, who made history last year when she became the first woman to coach on the field in a major league game. A star collegiate softball player and member of the Giants organization since 2014, Nakken warrants an interview.

But some regressive trolls on social media are triggered by the idea of a woman managing in the big leagues. That’s where Solomon Bates steps in. The right-handed pitcher, who publicly came out as gay in 2022, worked with Nakken for several years in the Giants’ system.

Over the last few days, he’s emerged as her chief champion, fighting back sexist dorks one post at a time.

His campaign started when he endorsed Nakken for the job Sunday.

Bates, 26, first joined the Giants in 2019. He participated in Spring Training over the next three seasons, which is where he got acquainted with Nakken.

That means Bates is speaking from personal experience when he talks about Nakken’s qualifications for the job.

But oh yeah: she’s a woman! For the small-minded, one’s genitals matter more than their expertise.

Unsurprisingly, the insults directed towards Bates were juvenile.

He responded with humor and aplomb.

Bates publicly revealed his sexuality in August 2022, while simultaneously sharing he had been released from the Giants.

“Being gay in this sport you don’t know what comes at you!,” he wrote in an Instagram post. “I thank the giants for giving me the opportunity to be myself and go out there and play the game that I love the most.”

“I’m still in shock on what just happened. But I’m not giving up on what I want to do. I’m still going to open up doors for gay athletes like me. Still will strive to be one of the greatest to do it.”

He said he was grateful for the opportunity, and harbored no ill-feelings towards the Giants.

“I ended on a high note from getting hurt to going out there and pitching my ass off. Baseball I’m not done with you. I’m leaving on my terms and my terms only. Gay men can play a manly sport if you give us a chance.”

As an added punctuation, Bates included a screenshot of his impressive stats from the 2022 season.

It only took two days, by the way, for Bates’ thesis about gay men belonging in baseball to be proven correct. He signed with a new pro club, the Sioux City Explorers, two days following his release.

“Gotta wait Patiently for a minor league affiliate. Sioux City explorers is where I will get another chance for now. I’m thankful for it. God has blessed me,” he tweeted.

So far, Bates hasn’t disappointed. He posted a respectable 10-6 record and 3.57 ERA this season.

Though Bates came out to his teammates in 2019, he said he was coming out publicly to serve as a role model.

“I haven’t been out as my complete self because I’ve been hiding myself,” he said. “I’m a masculine man who loves the sport of baseball, and now I want to open up doors for gay athletes like me.”

With that in mind, Bates knows the importance of representation. Given the dearth of women in Major League Baseball, Nakken’s spot on the Giants’ staff makes a major statement.

And some snowflakes just can’t handle that…

For those wondering, Bates seems to be enjoying the good life. He’s living his truth, speaking his mind and realizing his dream of playing pro baseball.

It doesn’t get any better than that.

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