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Gay telenovela star Lambda Garcia is winning over reality TV fans with his moves & muscles

Lambda Garcia

Lambda Garcia is a Mexican actor who has appeared in telenovelas such as Se Busca Un Hombre, La Reina Soy Yo, Señora Acero, and Sangre De Mi Tierra.

In 2014, the extremely fit hunk starred on the series Las Bravo and played a stripper.

While we haven’t seen his work on that particular project, no one would argue that the casting was impeccable!

In the last few years, the out 36-year-old has enjoyed further success on reality television .

Garcia has excelled on dance competition programs. He was the runner-up on Mexico Baila and won Las Estrellas Bailan En Hoy.

In 2022, he went beyond the ballroom and showed off his culinary skills by winning Top Chef VIP, a celebrity version of Top Chef.

Now, he’s back to shaking his rock-hard booty and is currently a contestant on ¡Mira quién baila!, Mexico’s version of Dancing with the Stars.

The man has got moves!

His achievements are especially notable consider his career was almost derailed after a hacker leaked photos of him with his then-boyfriend, fellow actor Polo Morín, in 2016.

At the time, neither star was out.

“It was just a bunch of photos of us traveling,” Morín previously said. “We were in Spain. They hacked my emails and got the photos, and then hacked my Facebook account and published them as if I was coming out. Which, honestly, I wasn’t ready for.”

While Garcia initially refused to comment on his sexuality, he spoke out for the first time in 2019 by addressing reports that he and Morín had ended their romance due to infidelity.

“I’m single. It was not by third parties, it was not by other people. Obviously, it was not because of who they say it was. At the end of the day, when love ends, when you decide to end a relationship, well, that only concerns two people,” Garcia told People en Espanol

“They are inventing things that are not even. They are putting my integrity at risk. They are putting into play the whole person that I am, that I believe that I am a good person.”

Despite coming out under problematic circumstances, Garcia has embraced who he is and is now a proud gay -and very talented – man.

And although he has not indicated if he’s currently dating anyone, it’s especially fantastic to see his career continue to soar.

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