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Gay Troops Cannot Openly Email Their Partners, But Bigoted Straight Troops Can Openly Email Their Disgust For Gays

Elaine Donnelly, president of the openly pro-discrimination Center for Military Readiness, says the organization has set up a section on its site called “Confidentiality Contact,” where she’s inviting members of the armed forces to bitch about the upcoming death of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. From there, Donnelly will express those sentiments to lawmakers, in some magic fashion, like an email, which nobody looks at. And since the repeal of DADT does not include any prohibition on discriminating against gays, it is now and forever possible for anti-gay heterosexual troops set their web browsers to full-screen, or maybe even project their computer activity on the side of a building while sending Donnelly some screed about how scared they are to shower with fags. Meanwhile, gay troops must email their partners in code.