Don’t you love it when media and marketers identify a trend in the gayborhood and then manufacture a story about how new and exciting it is? Usually the New York Times is guilty of this. Also, advertising agencies, who are partly responsible for the term “DINKS” to describe “double-income no kids” consumers to otherwise naive clients. And now, the “gayby boom.”

As you’d expect, “gayby boom” refers to all the homos out there having kids, state adoption laws be damned!

Along with the actual birth maneuvering (surrogate or adoption? intercourse or turkey baster?), CNN presents lots of fun thought exercises like “Are both of us ‘mom’ or are we ‘mom’ and ‘mama’?” and “Will our kids grow up to be *gasp* gay?”

Yes, some gays are ditching their DINK status to do the breeder thing. And like all parents of this generation, one question looms large: Will our kid one day come home from college, sit us down around the kitchen table, and tell us he’s … straight?

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