Glee‘s Kurt Finally Gets His First Kiss. From Blaine

Well if this isn’t the most romantic teenage smooch you’ve seen (sorry, Teddy), I don’t know what is. On last night’s Glee, Kurt finally scored his first gay kiss (the one from Dave The Bully doesn’t count), and oooooh gurl, it was hot! It was almost enough to make us forget that New Directions performed some original music this week, not a Britney Spears number. (But one of the original songs, “Trouty Mouth,” was about Santana’s heterosexual romance with Sam, a huge diss to her true love Brittany.) But back to Kurt and Blaine: WHAT DOES THIS KISS MEAN! Are they going to be together forever? Was it just a one-time thing? Does Kurt have to sing more songs about dead birds in order for Blaine to feel weak in the knees for him?

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