Glee‘s Kurt Finally Gets His First Kiss. From Blaine

Well if this isn’t the most romantic teenage smooch you’ve seen (sorry, Teddy), I don’t know what is. On last night’s Glee, Kurt finally scored his first gay kiss (the one from Dave The Bully doesn’t count), and oooooh gurl, it was hot! It was almost enough to make us forget that New Directions performed some original music this week, not a Britney Spears number. (But one of the original songs, “Trouty Mouth,” was about Santana’s heterosexual romance with Sam, a huge diss to her true love Brittany.) But back to Kurt and Blaine: WHAT DOES THIS KISS MEAN! Are they going to be together forever? Was it just a one-time thing? Does Kurt have to sing more songs about dead birds in order for Blaine to feel weak in the knees for him?

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  • Lefty

    I can’t hear the sound on this computer but awwwww!!!!

  • bob

    eeeew! why wasted that hunk on a fembot? makes me want to rinse out with listerine.

  • David Ehrenstein

    Get some brainwash while you’re up Bob.

    The kiss was lovely.

  • Sam

    Hopefully this amazing moment will help save some lonely closeted gay boy in small town America and help him see there is nothing wrong with himself and the best is yet to come. I commend Glee for not hyping this moment up weeks prior to this and just making it a natural part of the show. That alone shows the bar is finally moving forward.

  • rusk

    Sorry but blaine and kurt have a best friend forever vibe. I would never make out with my best friend.

  • Cam

    I just don’t see them as a couple, They seem more like Pals.

  • Stephen

    They are adorable!

  • Harbo

    I loved it. I think it was sweet.

  • Michael in Toronto

    That was so … tender and true. Love to think of a young gay kid watching that.
    P.S. Nice pompadour, Kurt!
    P.P.S. Grow up, Bob!

  • Rick

    I know the show is an over the top fantasy show but cannot buy these two together, would never happen in reality and I really cannot stand Kurt’s character.

  • tallskin2

    Sweet. I wish there’d been a tv programme like this when I was a teenager.

  • Kieran

    I don’t watch Glee, but its obvious the message this show is sending to millions of young kids around the world. To be gay is to look and act as girly as Kurt. Afterall, this is the way straights like their gays: sweet, docile, effeminate and unthreatening.

  • christopher di spirito

    Loved it!

    Blaine (Darren Criss) is adorable and his casting is a brilliant addition to Glee. The “kiss” was both hot and sweet and I hope it a thorn in the side of religious nutcases everywhere from Pat Robertson to Mama Grifter.

  • Dale

    I wish this was around when I their age. Instead of having to hide my feelings. Go Glee!

  • Dale

    Only if it had been 30 years ago. My life would have been different. Hiding my feelings so I wasn’t bullied. Go Glee!

  • sylvatica

    Yes Kieran, Blaine is so girly.

  • Franky

    Glad to see only one ass in the comments. This was one of the rare gay kisses to appear on a prime time TV show. You have to do some pretty big mental gymnastics to somehow still make this out to be bad for the community.

  • Viktor

    @Franky: Haha, true… but I mean, people who watch this show have their ears and brains occasionally bleed from all the autotuned singing, so is anyone actually benefiting from this when they’re hemorrhaging?

  • Joe

    I thought they set that relationship up very well, didn’t rush into it, and that little speech he gave before he went in for the smooch….man….just melted me.

  • porter

    @bob: for real dude? wow….

  • BlindedNYC

    I think the kiss was sweetened by the fact that it was on Fox, the same network as Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reiley.

  • Ian

    @rusk: @Cam: I agree, I loved the moment and am happy at the thought of gay kids across the usa getting to see some positive imagery, but the actual actors simply do not have that spark, aka good chemistry to make their relationship believable beyond being good gay friends & buddies.

  • Amaturus

    I bet Chris Colfer has been waiting for this scene…

  • sam

    @Kieran: Yes, because it6’s not like queeny teenagers exist. Nope. There is absolutely no truth to imply that there are young guys who are effeminate.

  • Mike

    I found myself getting pissed off today when reading a blog post or something similar that was saying Kurt was a tired television cliche; the fabulous gay.

    Not that I don’t agree with them; what I got pissed off about is where the hell do they get off calling out Kurt when every character in every American television show is a walking stereotype! The dumb husband, the happening girl, the ER doctor and the Detective… they are all so overused that I mostly want to puke the second almost any network show comes on.

    Kurt is a out gay primary character that isn’t any more ashamed about himself than anybody else; he’s living a normal life and he got his first romantic kiss! He may be cliche in type but in form he’s a ground breaker and I (hate to admit this) am more often than not inspired by the time that show is over.

    Well done Glee, well done Fox and you go Kurt; Blane is very cute!

  • Jeffree

    It was a tender, sweet moment, and no less plausible that three quarters of the girl-guy hookups on primetîme TV.

    I’d love to compile a book someday based on first kisses (in the real world): what it was like and what it meant.

    Go Kurt Go!

  • Qjersey

    Many gay men sleep with their best friends at some point, the romantic route is better than getting drunk and fooling around.

  • Darren

    Darren is cute but he’s like 4 feet tall.

  • TwlightoftheDogs

    I suppose this all comes down to how you view relationships.

    When it comes to love, I want to be in love with a friend, who’s my friend first and then lover.

    When someone writes things like “sparks” I assume they are very different from me. Sparks are nice. I have had them. They are fleeting and don’t do much to inspire longevity.

    I don’t fall for a spark. I fall for someone with whom I feel deeply connected. The point of that line last night, “You move me” or something like that, is that Blaine’s character wasn’t falling in love with a moment, but having come to know Kurt.

  • Noneofyourbusiness

    Can you please stop ruining shows for us before many of us have had a chance to watch them?

  • alan brickman

    Typical Queeny gay not real..Darren needs a butcher for a lover…

  • alan brickman

    He should have kissed Sam….

  • reed

    i love the misogyny in the comment section! last time i checked, femininity didn’t make someone “less than.” but maybe i’m just a naive little twink ;)

  • jordn

    ummm…there definitely appears to be some lip gloss on blaine’s lips in the pre-kiss build-up. What does this mean? and why the careless, almost hostile, juxtaposition with kurt’s just-short-of-chapped lips?

    i guess he came to the rehearsal with the kiss already on his mind.

    I definitely don’t buy Blaine and Kurt; but this is standard Glee fare – plots that move blazing fast and almost happily ignore character development, romances that consequently don’t quite seem to fit except for their extending superficial commonalities, etc. I honestly think it’s Kurt – there is something so absolutely sexless about him, and his sexuality has been so consistently couched in the terms of aggression and harassment (but what can you do, reality bites), that the transition to a romantic dimension is cumbersome. Like I said, reality bites. No comment on Blaine – Darren Criss is too gorgeous to be judged anything but delectable.

    On the other hand!

    LET US REJOICE THAT IT FINALLY HAPPENED, and take a breath to realize that it’s still kind of a big deal, and a good thing, that this took place on a primetime show – in fact, one of the most highly watched in the nation.

  • Charles

    I found the “kiss” forced and not organic. It seemed meant to shock mainsteam audiences rather than come from a natural progression of the relationship between Kurt and Blaine. Blaine had peviously expressed such ambivalance regarding Kurt that the eleventh hour
    tonsil hockey seemed to come out of nowhere. I didn’t buy it. Instead of being refreshing it seemed cloying and manipulative. Coming on the heels of the over the top “Baby It’s Cold Outside” number in which Kurt batted his lashes and minced around the stage like Edyie Gourmet..the kiss was even more ‘flamboyant.” Less preesning and prancing , more msculine heat and passion— please!

  • Martin

    I have to say I love glee but have been rather seeing Blaine’s character as far more interesting than Curt’s. He’s just as good a singer and has better on screen charisma imo. I think both characters are great but they don’t have any sexual chemistry, they seem definitely like more close buds than lovers. Their song baby its cold outside was cute and I liked it but I imagined them staying up all night talking, not having sex.

  • Mike in London UK

    To all the people above who are pointing at “Kurt” and saying “oh he’s a bad role model for gays”.

    You’re missing one vital point.

    Some of us are like Kurt.
    Some of us are like Blaine.

    and the rest of us are a million different shades of every colour you can get. One of those colours is you.

    We’re not asking you to say “oh I like Kurt for how he acts as a gay character”, but FFS back off and let the actors play their roles.

    Now if you’ll excuse me I’ve started crying just watching that clip and writing these words, so I have to go wash my face.

  • Jeffree

    @Mike in London UK: You’re not only right, but you reduced me to tiny tears as well.

    Opposites often attract, it’s yin meets yang, it’s complementary, it’s balance.

    I’m old enough where role models are good to have, but not a “must have.”

    But when I was all of 17, it would have been nice to see people “like me” come out on TV (we didn’t have cable TV where I come from). And to see them smooch!

    Yes, some of us are Kurt, some of us are Blaine. Either way we outsiders seek companionship & validation that what we’ re looking for does in fact exist somewhere in the world.

    Our first kiss may not change the world, but it says and shows us something important: someone else is looking for someone like me. Someday, somehow, I may fit with someone else. Someone may want to be with me.

    For that moment to happen, it’s magic. It’s like suddenly realizing that one isn’t alone or adrift without any hope. There’s a future, there are possibilities, and we don’t have to live up to the meme that gay people will never find love, companionship, or community.

    That said, I hope that the show doesn’t get cancelled like Uglý Betty did, once the story shows what happens when guy meets another guy !

  • Lefty

    I’ve watched it with sound now.
    What a beautiful scene.
    I thought they were both wonderful in it, too.
    I agree completely with Jeffree and Mike In London. Getting a bit teary myself…

  • Sam

    I am a straight person who cried when I saw this. Any time two people have a first kiss it is magical and beautiful! I think there are a lot of people of both sexes who would give anything to have Darren Criss look at them the way Blaine looked at Kurt. Wow, great acting! I loved that Kurt didn’t really see it coming. As for anyone bashing Kurt’s femininity – I don’t really see it that way. I see Kurt as innocent and sweet, not strictly “girly” qualities. That’s why this kiss goes down as one of the all-time best first kisses on TV. A beautiful and innocent person finally being recognized and kissed! Wow!

  • Carolyn

    I’m a straight female who happened upon this blog. I am Glee’s target audience. I loved the kiss. This is hard to say and probably harder to hear but the fact that Kurt is a bit feminine makes the kiss MUCH more acceptable to the straight community. Two super butch guys kissing is too much right now. We need the familiar before we can deal with the unfamiliar.

    Consider the parallels to accepting interracial couples on TV. Back in the 60’s, there was “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner”. It the producers had hired a Mike Tyson look-alike instead of Sidney Poitier (i.e., someone who sounded and acted white), the show wouldn’t have carried the message it did. Chris Colfer is the Sidney Poitier for this generation and for this issue. The actor who helps straights see and feel what gays face.

    I think if Glee is trying to make gay love acceptable to the straight community, they are doing a fantastic job of it. I have a 17 year old son. Glee has definitely made me more open about talking about gay issues with him. Is he gay? I have no idea. What 17 year old talks to their mom about anything? But I’ve made it very clear that all I want is for him to be happy. Glee helped me. I practically quote Burt Hummell sometimes.

    Just my two cents….

  • Melanie

    I thought the kiss was fantastic! Remember that Kurt (in real life) really is that inexperienced guy that hasn’t done much dating. Blaine is married and gets how to act sexy. For that reason, I give Kurt a lot of slack. He’s doing his best and was probably beside himself to get to kiss Blane. Between last week’s sex talk (which was amazing whether you are gay or straight) and this week’s kiss, Glee is making some big progress with a lot of people. They are showing them that gay and straight values and problems are the same and so are the desires for a close relationship. With the climate for California gay marriage on the fence right now, I welcome all of the understanding and potential tolerance that Glee can produce.

  • Steve-O

    I loved it and nearly fell off the bed with happiness!!! I’m soo happy to see them get together and WOW that kiss (or kisses) was amazing! I applaud the actors for being able to convey just the right amount of passion, but at the same time keeping it appropriate (hey they are high school kids after all)!!

    AND TO ALL THE KURT HATERS!!! – Gay people come in all shapes, sizes, colours and each with their own personality. Dissing Kurt and calling him things like ‘fembot’ just cause he doesn’t conform to expected gender stereotypes is still homophobia even if you are gay person!!!

    Shame on you!! You’re being just as bad all those bible thumbing anti gay assholes out there!! You don’t have to want to sleep with him! But a descent person would still be able to feel happy for his happiness.

  • Scotty

    @David Ehrenstein: I agree with you David! It was a SMOKIN’ hot kiss!!

  • Scotty

    @Sam: Sam you couldn’t have described “the kiss” any better. And also the issue with Kurt. I thought it was crazy awesome and I too had wet eyes!!

  • GetBalance

    Thanks Carolyn, your perspective is well received and greatly appreciated.

  • hephaestion

    So many comments here are dripping with self-hatred. Very sad.

    The kiss was wonderful. My jaw dropped, I was so happy.

    But why hasn’t Cheyenne Jackson been on the show yet? Freakin’ Gwyneth Paltrow has inexplicably had 3 full episodes yet the most talented man in the Universe has only had 3 seconds in the first episode!!!

  • F

    @Kieran: Can’t the message be: “it’s ok to be ‘girly'”? Don’t thousands of gay kids try to adopt a “tougher” behaviour out of fear of being identified in school -not to mention that they do so with varying levels of success?

    I cannot tolerate Glee, after all, (I’m out of their target audience) but perhaps having an effeminate gay character on TV will let others know that some men are just fey. If anything, what we are seeing here is that some gays are fey, some are butch and that’s ok.

  • Cam


    I think you nailed a large part of it Carolyn, thanks for stopping by. :)

    Am I the only one that would like to see the homophobic footballer have a tearful revelation in a season or two? I dispise his actions, but I still feel bad for how this guy is tearing himself up. I would love a drunken meet up at a party where he apologizes to Kurt off in some field somewhere. Something that shows how, being out early makes Kurt brave, and that this guy is terrified over something Kurt faces every day. I think it could be a very effective scene.

  • Alex


  • Nate

    awwwe! thats so cute! i remember my first ever* gay kiss….

  • Soupy

    Gee confused, normally the word “atrocity” is reserved for things like genocide as opposed to a public gay kiss. That sounds like an alternate reality to me.

  • tallskin2

    @confused32 – take your filthy christian morality and stick it where the sun don’t shine

    What young kids should not be exposed to is propaganda about sky pixies and the nasty death cults like christianity that result.

  • Jeffree

    Can we ignore the “confused” troll so that it decides to go bother someone else someplace else? Or until it gets treated for whatever nasty fungus is eating away at its brain? Talk about an atrocity!

  • Chupa Chups


    Shut up, hypocritical conformist!

  • Esther

    @Carolyn: @Carolyn: ummm his name is kurt.

  • tara

    kurt is cool and so is chris colfer that kiss was so cute i was so happy for kurt that he found love

  • Ell!e xxx

    Pwooaarrr!!! Blaine is so fit and that kiss is reeaalllyyyy hot!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Katlyn

    I love it. Infact that I want them to be more than that!!!!! Can’t take it, it’s toooooo sweet. Support them. The kiss is off the hook!

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