Government Seeding Americans With Gay-Causing MSG In Juice Boxes, Claims Rational Texas Radio Host

Texas-based radio host Alex Jones, of The Alex Jones Show, knows America’s real problem isn’t with more gays on television, but more gays in real life. Who’s to blame? The government, of course: Jones says he’s seen the documents proving the feds are engaged in a “chemical warfare operation … so that people don’t have children.” And how are they feeding distributing these nefarious nelly chemicals? By putting MSG in juice boxes! It makes dudes want to wear skirts and put on lipstick! Mr. Jones also happens to operate the websites and, which alternate between attacking Lady Gaga fans and pumping up gold prices. (Update: Appears this clip has been circulating for a few months.)

[via Gawker]

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    OMG,Alex Jones you have answered my prayers!!! I gots to get me some of them super homogenized drink juice boxes real quick like. I can think of lots ‘o hotties I want to turn into Lady Gaga lovin Gay boys!! :p

  • Kane

    Oh god, no. Not him. Please, ignore him. Augh, I saw his face on Queerty and my stomach turned. Don’t give this loon any exposure. He’ll be the next Glenn Beck in terms of popularity but is several times more insane. His claims have never been proven true, and most often can be killed with a whiff of common sense and scientific inquisition. He’s been proven wrong time and again.

    I have a sibling that listens to him (we’re rather estranged now); and I’ve listened and followed this… emotionally disturbed individual for some time. This rant is rather old, and is just one of many in regards to, as he puts it, the “pussification of American Men”.

    This guy is one of those nuts convinced there’s FBI agents hiding in his toilet; that aliens are helping the government build underground concentration camps for white men; that the “Illuminati” is deciding what musical numbers are performed at the Grammy’s…the list goes on and on. I’m not making this crap up. Some even take a metaphysical route and claim there’s a secret world inside the planet… I swear it’s true. Look it up. They believe this shit. And I hate to say it, but when I was 13-17, I used to buy it. I used to feel like I was in possession
    of “the truth” and I was seeing monsters no one else could see.
    I’ll leave my personal life out of it, but I’m glad I grew up and went to college.

    Now, there may be a sliver of truth to claims of a “new world order”, certainly. It’s easy to see how and why wealthy
    individuals would want to lobby politicians. It happens a lot. Most often with the corporate-funded conservatives these wing-nuts love so much. (How ironic?). There’s a lot of fucked up shit going on out there, and it’s easy to play war.
    But soon this distorted perception of reality becomes poetic and dogmatic as he and his ilk constantly look for ways to deepen their fears and broaden their enemy. Pieces of news articles are taken from all over and pieced together to create their own news stories.

    Frankly, only gullible stoners and intellectual midgets buy his shit.

    Now as far as this gay conspiracy-ummm….How about the homoerotic nature of ancient Rome and Greece? Were they secretly manufacturing juice boxes inside their stone temples? How about the 15,000 plus animals that display and live out homosexual activities? Is Obama runnin out into the woods and shoving MSG up deers asses? How about the genes that have been found recently linked to homosexuality? How about the discovery last year that links pheromones to our desires for men? Why does only he have documents? How do these radio hosts get these “documents” and no one else ever sees them? Why wouldn’t the hundreds of independent journals out there prove it and run with it? Why isn’t he craving cock if he slugged that juice down?

    Frankly, only gullible stoners and intellectual midgets buy his shit. I think it’s good to educate our GLBT peers about people like him, but I’d suggest leaving him alone… in his dark little corner of the world.

  • Jen

    Alex Jones has got it all wrong. The Scientologists say *soy* makes you gay. Sheesh, get it straight.

    (Alex Jones is no stranger to Scientology-love. He hosted Citizens Commission on Human Rights board member John Breeding on his show)

    Watch out for the lizard people!

  • lizcivious

    What was this nut consuming that caused his brain to go insane? He’s obviously paranoid and delusional and should be in a mental ward instead of spreading his hatred over the air.

  • damon459

    I love how people think MSG is come chemical cooked up in a lab do some research people it’s extracted from seaweed if it turned people gay or prevented reproduction china wouldn’t have to limit the amount children family’s have in China. Is there something in the water in Texas that makes them stupid?

  • Michael

    Food with MSG gives me a bad headache, which usually leaves me not to interested in things like sex. And no, I’m not a scientist.

  • Jimmy Fury

    God i love conspiracy loons. it’s just… there’s something so fascinating about watching someone go off on a rant about how something must be a highly complex super secret evil plan because they’re too fucking stupid to see the simple logical explanation.

  • jarvisbearcub

    This man literally argued on his show that the ENTIRE feminist movement was a CIA conspiracy because Gloria Steinem had a federal job briefly in her 20’s. Interesting, because what freedom do feminists take away?

    Really, really, really a total moron.

  • Jake the libertarian

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: Couldn’t agree more! =) =) =) =)

    If it works, I’m buying that shit by the truck load

  • mike

    Estrogen. The chemical BPA is present in most cans and plastics. BPA mimics the hormone estrogen. High doses of estrogen lead to breast cancer and prostate cancer, and yes, it leads to the development of breasts in men. Follow this to the end, and you have men who biologically become more like women. He isnt gay-bashing. He is elite-bashing. The same billionaire, eugenic believing elites also put fluoride and lithium in the tap water. This is also completely hazardous and dangerous. He’s putting out what most people are ignorant to. Whether or not you believe who he’s pointing fingers at. These things are BAD. we must become aware and put an end to them. And dont take this stuff of of context. He’s not a homophobe.
    (studies have shown that heavy use of even products like Soy can lead to breasts in male monkeys)

  • Lapse

    Until 1973, homosexuality was recognized for what it is, a developmental disorder.
    Then, overnight it was redefined as a “lifestyle choice….Bisphenol-A (estrogen and various hormones dumped by pharmaceutical companies) It is a known “estrogenic” organic compound that is an endocrine disruptor, and it mimic human hormones. It actually smaller penis size in male infants.
    For more information i suggest u to watch Documentary on “The Disappearing Male”… Or if you are intrested in reading…

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