Grindr briefly went down this week and gay Twitter responded accordingly

It’s been a rough week for Grindr. First, the app tried rolling out a new voice messaging feature, but the public’s response wasn’t exactly positive:

Queerty conducted a poll and found that the vast majority of our readers (67%) were opposed to the new feature.

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Then on Tuesday, the app crashed.

In the wee early hours of May 22, Grindr unexpectedly went down. Many users couldn’t log on. Naturally, they had a meltdown.

Some people responded with confusion:

Others with anger:

Some people panicked:

Others wept:

And then there were those who didn’t know how to respond at all:

Luckily, the outage lasted for less than an hour before users were able to get back online. Still, who knows how many potential marriages were thwarted because of the outage?

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