Gus Kenworthy Flashes Injuries After Being Hit By A Car


Gus Kenworthy is known for defying physics on the ski slopes, but a recent bike ride wound up becoming a crash course in gravity and Newton’s third law.

The 24-year-old Olympian shared a video of injuries he sustained after he was struck by a car. Ouch.

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It’s typically not recommended to bike shirtless, but when have safety precautions ever really mattered to 24-year-olds?

I got hit by a car today… Luckily I didn't get hurt too badly, I just wheelie, wheelie scared myself. ????

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And we’re guessing this experience won’t change his future choices much, as Gus seems to be quite a good sport about his scrapes and bruises.

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“I got hit by a car today,” he writes in the caption, adding, “Luckily I didn’t get hurt too badly, I just wheelie, wheelie scared myself.”

Yeah, he’s going to be just fine.