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Gus Kenworthy gets candid in new interview: “I’m a very, very sexual person”

I don’t think I have the perfect body. I have absolute body dysmorphia, the same way that every gay person does.

There are moments where I’m, like, super happy with how my body looks and I’m being stricter about what I’m eating and better with my training.

And then there are moments where I’m not feeling good about it. And the way that Instagram works is that’s probably not the time I’m going to post a photo. So it creates this kind of distorted version of reality.

In terms of being viewed as sexual, I don’t care. I’m flattered and fine with it. I’m a very, very sexual person and I’m very open about it.

Actor/thirst trapper/former Olympic athlete Gus Kenworthy speaking to Attitude about his struggles with body dysmorphia and embracing his sexual side.