Guys list the male movie characters who awakened their sexuality

For some moviegoers, The Mummy was a swashbuckling summer blockbuster. For others, it was a confirmation of same-sex attraction. Take the Reddit user who posted a comic about coming out of the 1999 film and thinking, “OK, so I’m definitely not straight.”

(The comic is an edited version of an Adam Ellis creation from last year, in which the movie in question isn’t The Mummy but 1997’s Batman & Robin. You know, the movie that famously gave the Caped Crusader a suit with “Bat-Nipples.”)

A few other Reddit users also hailed the daddies of Mummy, praising “Brendan Frasier at his peak Hollywood hunk leading man phase” and “the bad bald guy … because he was shirtless all the time.”

Other commenters, meanwhile, named other movie characters who sealed the deal…

“When I was watching the Mamma Mia movie back in the day, and the song ‘Does Your Mother Know?’ comes up, those hunks in their swimming trunks were something I was fascinated by. But I didn’t realize until I was 12.”

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“This is a weird one from me, but, um, How to Train Your Dragon is my gay awakening.”

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“Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians was the last hit in the nail. When I saw that smirky smile, I felt things I’ve never felt before.”

“2005’s Fantastic Four. You know the scene…”

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300. ‘This Is Sparta!”

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“Hugh Jackman in Australia. There is a scene where he pours water over his shirtless body. I said ‘whoa’ out loud without realizing it.”

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“Kind of an odd one, but the scene in The Matrix where they pick up Neo and bring him under the bridge in the rain to extract the mechanical tracker Agent Smith implanted in his belly button. Shirtless Keanu [Reeves] made me feel all sorts of things. Started looking into some of his earlier movies when he was younger, and that was it. Gay.”

“I have to point out one particular moment that really drove the point home: Tobey Maguire’s shirtless reveal in Spider-Man. I was 10.”

“David Hasselhoff in the 2004 SpongeBob movie was the beginning of my awakening, even though I had a little bit to go before realizing it fully.”

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Top Gun. The volleyball scene.”

“I’m an old git. As a boy and sci-fi fan, I was watching the movie Barbarella on late night TV when I realized John Phillip Law as Pygar and not Jane Fonda was the sexiest person in the whole universe.”

John Tucker Must Die. Specifically, the scene where Jesse Metcalfe was in a thong.”

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“First Jurassic Park for me. Jeff [Goldblum] shirtless has forever changed me.”

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“Chris Evans with whipped cream in that scene from Not Another Teen Movie. Still makes me wild.”

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“I’m showing my age here, but Aladdin. When he stuck out his hand to the camera, asked us ‘Do you trust me?’ and flashed that magnificent smile. I must have been about 6 to 8 years old when it hit TV in the UK, but I fell in love with him in that moment. Ever since then, it felt completely normal for me to have crushes on guys, so much so that I never felt a need to ‘come out’ because there was nothing for me to come to terms with. It was just normal for me.”

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Lord of the Rings. It was (and still is) my favorite trilogy. Viggo Mortensen and Orlando Bloom made me gay before I even realized it.”

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“The Beastmaster movie. Main character [Marc Singer as Dar] is shirtless for the entire thing.”

Back to the Future. I’ve been looking for those purple Calvin Klein briefs.”