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Guys reveal their hottest-ever sexual encounters

Another day, another Reddit anthology of steamy same-sex hookups! One user recently asked r/askgaybros users to recount the “hottest sexual encounter” they’ve had, and he also shared a tale of his own:

“I met up with this older gentlemen at a hotel when I was in college, and we made a day of it. We had sex, like, three or four times, and man, was he aggressive. He topped me, then I topped him. It was a great back and forth and definitely some of the best orgasms I’ve ever had.”

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Here are some other stories from the thread, edited for readability:

“I don’t think there’s one in particular that stands out to me that is like top-notch, as there have been numerous things that my current boyfriend has done that I found to be really hot. But one of my favorite moments has to be when he got into the shower with me after he came home from work, and just started making out with me. He had been wearing a three-piece suit, and he only took off his jacket before getting in.”

“During basic training I made friends with a cute guy from New England. Loved his accent and checked him out (discreetly) in the shower more than once. We were in a group of five guys in our platoon who got really close. We graduated just before Christmas, and we shared a hotel room for a night before heading home for leave. This was pre-DADT, so there was never any talk about being gay. When we got to our room after graduation, he took a shower first. After my shower I came out of the bathroom, and he was still naked, watching TV, so I went and sat next to him. We talked for a few minutes, and we kept moving a little closer until we were touching. After a few more minutes, he made the big move of resting his hand on my leg. That was it — I leaned over, and we started kissing. Hottest night of my life.”

“I have a lot, but one time in my slut days, I went to this sex party in a big town, and usually when I go to these things or, like, a bathhouse, I get f*cked here and there over the course of a few hours, but this one time I got f*cked back to back by so many hot guys I had to stand in the corner and catch my breath and get myself together because I was like in this euphoric daze.”

“First time threesome happened to be in a foreign country. Attractive couple sandwiched me between them in bed two nights in a row.”

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“Me and another busboy who was out for the summer were not out to each other. He was extremely hot and a dancer with the requisite bod. One time, we decided to go up to L.A. I had wanted to take him to this gay 18-and-over dance club in West Hollywood I knew of, but I ended up chickening out. We went to Westwood instead, walked around and ended up going back to his place semi-defeated. Once there, we got pretty stoned and were laying on the rug sprawled out. Then our fingers touched and it was electricity on both sides. The rest is easy to imagine. Suffice it to say, we were very compatible.”

“Sex in a convertible while parked at a scenic overlook so we could see the city lights. Aside from the view, the sex itself felt particularly good.”

“I met some random British hunk randomly on Tinder. He was in town for a holiday, and he stayed with me, and we had sex for two days straight. He was exactly my type, 6’3” and thick, had a huge d*ck, and was super sweet.”

“Best sex I’ve ever had was a Grindr hookup, the kind where you just click and there’s chemistry. I didn’t have to specify what I wanted or needed him to do. I walked through the door, and he grabbed me by my throat and pushed me against the wall and kissed me. No awkward ‘hi’ or small talk. We f*cked for a good 30 minutes, going back and forth from tender to rough, with him mostly ordering me around, which I loved. We cuddled at the end. 10/10.”