We’ve all heard and read the hookup horror stories, so now it’s time for a change of pace. In a recent thread, Reddit users revealed their “most unexpected sex experience.” Here are some of those greatest hits, edited for readability and only censored a little!

The Wedding Reception

“I met two guys at my mom and stepdad’s wedding. The reception was in a hotel. After some talking and a few drinks, we went to their room and they took turns [with] me.”

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The Communicator

“I had sex with a hot deaf guy once, and he did a better job communicating with me than a lot of other people I’ve had sex with. To this day, I find that experience fascinating.”

The Dare

“When I was about 20 years old, I met up with a friend that I hadn’t seen since second grade. One of my friends dared him to blow me, and I ain’t no p*ssy, so I let him. It eventually led to us having sex. I haven’t talked to him since.”

The Train Ride

“I was waiting for a train in Chicago and thought I heard a dude next to me whisper, ‘Nice bulge,’ but didn’t think anything of it because I looked over and he wasn’t looking at me. Got on the train, and the dude sits across from me started grabbing his crotch. … I got super turned on and started doing the same but was afraid others would see. He followed me off at my stop and we f*cked at my buddy’s place where I was staying.”

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The Girlfriend

“Naive young me. Got talking to a guy in the pub, invite him to join me and my friends. Ends up just me and him, and he invites me back to his to smoke some weed. Yeah. sure, sounds great.

“His girlfriend is at home but she’s in another room with a female friend. We smoke and drink, and he hits me with the fact he’s bi and starts coming on heavy. I tell him I feel bad about the fact his GF is there, and he says, ‘What do you think she’s doing with her friend in the other room?’ So we got down to it on the sofa while his GF got down to it with her friend in the bedroom.”

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