Handsome Brazilian wins at Internet with disruptive supermarket dance routine

Loaf of bread. Container of milk. A dozen shimmies and shakes.

A viral video from Brazil demonstrates that grocery shopping needn’t be all a-drear. Hit it:

Desafio Paradinha

#DesafioParadinhaComo tinha muita gente me pedindo para ver o vídeo que eu fiz para a Casa das Rolezeiras da Please come to Brazil decidi postar aqui. Você quer Anira? Anitta #ParadinhaAproveita e me segue no Spotify

Posted by Rafael on Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The video by Rafael is loosely based on the actual video for Anitta’s “Paradinha” single, which you can see below. (We prefer his version, personally.)

Talking to Unicorn BootyRafael reveals that it was “a bit difficult to get started because i was a bit apprehensive about how people would react. I didn’t want to get kicked out of a store in my neighborhood! You might notice in some takes I’m still a holding back a little, but then I was like ‘whatever’ and got loose.”

“I had some ideas for shots that were similar to the original video. But I also wanted to make it funny. So I started to work with what was around as props.”

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It’s no wonder the video has become a hit — and it’s worth mentioning Rafael is a bona fide entertainer in his own right:

We’re hoping the vid for “I Want You” features some spirited high kicks at his local laudromat.

h/t: Unicorn Booty