• AIDS ignorance confounds us, because AIDS has officially been ravaging the globe for over 25-years. People should know it exists. And, more importantly, they should know how to prevent it. The staggering dearth of readily available, government-provided information, of course, leads to bizarre cultural coping, as in Papua New Guinea:

Some people with HIV/Aids in Papua New Guinea are being buried alive by their relatives, a health worker says.

Margaret Marabe said families were taking the extreme action because they could no longer look after sufferers or feared catching the disease themselves.

Ms Marabe said she saw the “live burials” with her own eyes during a five-month trip to PNG’s remote Southern Highlands.

We know it can be hard getting out to the rural areas, but the government may want to invest in a helicopter or something. Or, rather, they should have already done that. They known about the worrisome HIV rate for quite a while.

• Box cars may be cheaper than queer consumer outreach, but they certainly weren’t as marketable.

• Should neo-nazis be banned from YouTube. Some say, “Hell yes, motherfucker!”

• Post suicide attempt, Owen Wilson finds time, energy, publicist to ask you to respect his privacy.

University of Vermont gets gender neutral toilets. Jim Naugle sharpens pitchfork.

Jose Alberto Felix better have a good lawyer. The 30-year gay Texan former teacher just started his murder trial for the 2005 kidnapping and murder of Oscar Sanchez.

• Should gays boycott Barneys because the anti-gay Dubai government owns it?

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