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Harvard Is Letting ROTC Back On Campus (As Soon As Fabulous Gay Cadets Can Join)

It only took 40 years and a Supreme Court justice nomination distraction, but Harvard University is bringing back the Reserve Officer Training Corps’ recruiters. Having been banned during the Vietnam War and kept away when Congress signed Don’t Ask Don’t Tell into law, Harvard and other top schools like Stanford and Yale blocked military recruiters from their campus. But Harvard is the first to rescind the ban: The school’s president Drew Gilpin Faust and Navy Secretary Ray Mabus will sign a new agreement that has Harvard agreeing to offer office space and funding to ROTC, although enrolled students will train not on the Cambridge campus but at nearby MIT. And all it took was an act of Congress! (Harvard’s formal recognition of ROTC will only kick in once DADT’s repeal is certified later this year.) So much publicity over such a small group of people: only 20 Harvard students are currently ROTC cadets. [photo via]