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HEADLINES: GOP Consultant Supports Gay Marriage?


REPUBLICANS Well isn’t this interesting. While we’ve got Bloomberg, Paterson, and Schumer demanding marriage equality, a former adviser to then-presidential hopeful John McCain is supporting same-sex marriage. Steve Schmidt, who has a lesbian sister, agrees with Dick Cheney’s stance: “Freedom for everybody means freedom for everybody.” [NYT Cityroom]

HEALTH CARE A Florida hospital’s own policy says same-sex partners do not have visitation rights, a position current law agrees with! Lamda Legal says that’s discrimination, so they sued last year. Now a consortium of gay rights organizations (the Committee for Fair Visitation at Jackson Memorial Hospital) are demanding a meeting with the Public Health Trust of Miami-Dade County to see if we can get some equality in between the bedpans. [GLMA]

AMAZON The gay book censoring is blaming on a “glitch”? Must be one helluva glitch, since they haven’t noticed it since 2008. [AfterEllen]

HYPOCRISY What happens when you criticize the National Organization for Marriage on Facebook? You get banned from the social network. [Gawker]

IRAQ It was only two years ago Reps. Barney Frank Tammy Baldwin were writing Sec. of State Condi Rice decrying the murder of gay Iraqis. Their words fell on deaf ears. What will change with Hillary Clinton? (Since December, at least 63 gay Iraqis have been murdered, and 600 since 2005.) [Gay City News]

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  • Lance Rockland

    Steve Schmidt is HOT!

    Bravo for supporting the queers.

  • BrianZ

    I was surprised to see there was just a single comment until I read the article. I have to say I believe the first point, regarding Schmidt’s speach regarding gay marriage, should have been given a lot more detailed coverage. It’s nice to see some people like Schmidt and Meghan McCain speak out about it and speak to the disassociation of Republicans with Evangelical Christians. See some of the details about Schmidt’s speach here: .

  • Mark M

    I have been saying it since Obama got picked over Clinton… my vote, my allegiance to the DNC is TOTALLY for sale. Just stop hating me, and I am readyt o jump ship. The DNC has taken gay people as a “given”, and sold us up the river. If I am worried about civil liberties, if I am worried about my financial future, if I am worried about our place at the world table, then I have to be unhappy with the DNC.

  • Attmay

    @Mark M: Unfortunately the RNC won’t buy it. Have you been to Hot Air lately? So many fat jokes and ad hominem at Meghan McCain’s expense I thought it was a writer’s conference for “Gimme A Break!” Not one substantive response other than the usual breeder-supremacist lying points.

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