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Here’s Your Chance To Eat Benedict Cumberbatch, Broadway Bares All, How To Do Drag In The Workplace

Some people go to the office to work each day. Levonia Jenkins goes in to “Werk and Serve and Face.”


Sure, Benedict Cumberbatch looks delicious, but now you can eat a replica of the actor that’s made entirely of chocolate.


April 24 is the date set for the broadcast of the much-anticipated tell-all chat between former Olympic athlete-turned-reality TV star Bruce Jenner and ABC’s Diane Sawyer.


Maybe all that Vitameatavegamin finally caught up with Lucy Ricardo. Fans of Lucille Ball are understandably in a tizzy over the creepy statue that was erected in the likeness of the comedy great.


The newest trailer for Bessie, HBO’s bio of bisexual blues legend Bessie Smith, looks like star Queen Latifah will finally get another chance to show off her impressive acting chops.

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 4.26.09 PM

It wouldn’t be Spring without the announcement of the annual Broadway Bares fund-raising event. Take a look at the NSFW teaser here.

If you want to see hilarious and super-talented actors Stephen Guarino and Janeane Garofalo costar in a comedy about food trucks and sexual awakening, donate to the crowdsourcing campaign for the upcoming The Happys, from directors John Serpe and Tom Gould. You’ll be, ahem, happy you did.