Heroic Russian Gay Activist Convicted, But Refuses To Give Up

sochi-russia-olympics-lgbt-america-corporation-sponsors-360x360Our thoughts today are with Dmitry Isakov, an amazing Russian human rights organizer who was just convicted for producing “gay propaganda.”

Last summer, he stood on a square with a sign reading, in part, “being gay and loving gays is normal.” His sentence: a fine of around $120. Oh, and did we mention that his parents were the ones who dispatched the police to arrest him?

“I will not stop,” the 24-year-old told a reporter. (Amazingly, he appears to have no interest in boycotting vodka. Imagine that!)

Dmitry is a profile in bravery. But if you want to see cowardice, look no further than the International Olympic Committee, which is still whimpering pathetically about being non-political.

What will it take to convince the IOC that it is not “political” to oppose the wholesale oppression and destruction of an entire group of people? On what planet is it “political” to state that loving gay people is normal?

Of course, it’s possible that the IOC and their corporate sponsors aren’t really a bunch of cruel homophobes, or even a bunch of weak-willed atrocity-sympathizing sycophants.

With billions of dollars on the line, we’re sure their silence is simply motivated by other important i$$ues.