Homo 101

We just stumbled across this video, entitled “Gay Education.”

It’s fairly informative and covers a lot of ground, like possible biological explanations for the world’s homosexuals and the negative impact of the ex-gay movement.

Today’s Friday. Indulge yourself…

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  • James

    Isn’t this from the documentary For the Bible Tells Me So? It’s still good though.

  • Mike in MO

    I love the disclaimer at the end!!!

  • Matt

    Is it genentic when you are gay but want to have nothing to do with the gays?


    O brother! It had its cute parts but that part
    about feminized fetuses….plz
    Might be true in some cases but not all of us.

  • nikko

    YAHOO! That was great! Perfect.Yeah, well, embarrassing as it is, most of us gay men ARE clearly more feminine than straight men.

  • An Other Greek

    that was excellent, thanks Queerty!


  • kevin

    It is kinda ridiculous to insist that gay men are no more feminine than straight men. (the correct term is actually ‘effeminate’ as a male can in no way really BE feminine.) But why should it be “embarassing” to be more “feminine [sic] than straight men”? It would only be so if female were less valued than male. Is it? I don’t think so and therefore I gleefully cherish my effeminate characteristics. No apology.

  • Casper Odschild

    yup, this is from “for the bible tells me so”

  • Chanzelle Dubois

    That gay cartoon guy is hot.

  • Michael

    “it cannot be changed”

    That line will have the “sexuality is fluid” bunch up in arms. Poor bastards.

  • CitizenGeek

    It’s a good cartoon, but naming the ignorant ‘villain’ of the piece ‘Christian’ seems like a cheap shot and devalues the whole thing.

  • CondeNasty

    Yeah the feminizing fetus’ was poor word choice and over-simplification of the study. Essentially it makes us feminine in the sense that we like guys the way straight women do. I am 3rd in line of 4 boys so the study fits I guess, not so for my only child BF.

  • Joseph

    Yep, For the Bible Tells Me So. Directed by Dan Karslake.

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