Homosexual Activists Turn to Outrageous Gonzo Tactics to Further Agenda!

Kirby Dick’s media tour continues! The Outrage director pops up on CNN with Siirus XM’S Michelangelo Signorile and Log Cabin Republican spokesman Charles Moran, which does not support third-party outing, even for anti-gay homo politicos. Signorile shoots down the theory that “outing” is anything more than “reporting” on hypocrisy, sexual identity be damned!

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  • The Lesbian Mafia

    While we fully understand the strong emotional desire to do so, we do not support outing and wouldn’t use our platform in such a way. It would seem that it can only create backlash and more closets.

    On the other hand, admittedly, there is a good chance we may watch this movie and thoroughly enjoy it.

  • The Gay Numbers

    How would it create more closets? It’s amazing what people can make up.

  • Topher

    Am I the only one who really didn’t like the reporter? He seemed extremely unsympathetic to the point Kirby was trying to make and generally resentful that he was covering this story. I hope CNN gives someone a little more open minded a chance to really cover this story.

  • mention

    what a yawn. is it zen warrior tactics to assume the strategy of your enemy? Didn’t organizations witch hunt gay people by threatening to announce they were gay to their families? On the other hand, it is deeply satisfying to ruin someones career if they have been “inauthentic”. What always seems to get lost in the melodrama is that these are people elected to represent a constituency, not their own self interest…it’s deeply complex and complicated, for sure.

  • seggerman

    I do not know why anti-gay politicians get attacked for their closets but closeted liberals get a free pass to huddle in their closets. I am talking about politicians like former congressman Peter Kostmayer or veteran Connecticut state assemblyman Bob Godfrey. If there is no shame in being gay then why is outing used as a punishment?

  • Captain Freedom

    Welcome to the Log Cabin Republicans. It’s okay to be self-loathing. Mommy and Daddy are so proud of me even though they still think I’m going to hell.

    Let’s sit on Pat Robertson’s lap and have a circle jerk to thoughts of Eric Cantor doing a filibuster on John’s Boehner!

  • Captain Freedom


    Dude! Don Lemon is the biggest bendover at CNN after Anderson Cooper. It is his job to come off unsympathetic. If you only knew how CNN and these media conglomerates micromanage their employees.

    Its like when they show the Prop 8 rallies and say “hundreds” showed up when in fact it was thousands. Its like how they label Don’t Ask Don’t Tell a controversial issue even though the supermajority of Americans now want it overturned.

  • mention

    Don Lemon is hot!

  • murphonthenet

    I agree. This reporter was pretty lame. You could tell he would rather be discussing ANYTHING else but this.

  • John in SF

    @seggerman: In my view, the private life of a politician should remain private, gay/straight, liberal/conservative, religious/secular/anti-religious. EXCEPT when their lives and their votes contradict one another. Bob Barr was the voice behind the “Defense of Marriage Act”, but he himself was married three times. Which marriage was he defending? Some congresspeople vote for war, then help their kids get military deferments. Closeted gay people are often the most vociferous anti-gay bigots around.

    It is time that politicians be held accountable for their hypocracy. If that means outing hypocritical folk, then so be it. We now know that it doesn’t ruin people’s lives to be gay…it ruins peoples lives to be gay and living life from the closet.

  • Fem In the City

    @Topher: wow you’re really stupid huh? poor thing …

  • Fem In the City

    @The Gay Numbers: i meant you. you are the dumb one. poor slob ..

  • strumpetwindsock

    @Fem In the City:
    FYI Fem,

    Somebody is impersonating you in the Hollywood thread.

    I had the same thing happen ot me a little while ago, and I think it’s really shitty that it would happen to anyone, whether I agree wiht the person or not.

  • Fem In the City

    immitation is the highsst form of flattery …

  • Dennis

    Godspeed to this man and his work…can’t wait for Outrage! This is a community hero.

  • strumpetwindsock

    @Fem In the City:

    Yeah, no problem with it at all… if you don’t care what shit comes out of your mouth.

    Just letting you know, in case you weren’t aware of it already.

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