Homosexual Former Ex-Gay Director Admits He’s Never Met A Real Ex-Gay

So often people will say someone needs to “repent” from homosexuality. It is something that actually cannot be repented of! People are, or they are not, homosexual. It is an intrinsic part of their being or personally, my being. One cannot repent of something that is unchangeable…

Yes, there are homosexuals that make dramatic changes in their lives as they walk through the transformation process with Jesus… Many are able to then nurture an authentic relationship with Christ because they are being honest and authentic with themselves and finally are able to accept His love unconditionally which changes the dynamic of their understanding of Him… But, I’m sorry… I’ve never met a man who experienced a change from homosexual to heterosexual….

I used to define homosexuality or heterosexuality in terms describing one’s behavior. I thought it made sense and through the years often wrote articles and talked from that perspective.

Today, I understand why the gay community had such an issue with my writings. My perspective denied so many facets of the homosexual experience. I minimized a person’s life to just their sexuality but homosexuality is much more than sex.

– John Smid, the former Executive Director of Love in Action, one of the largest and oldest ex-gay ministries, discussing his change of heart over the years towards gays and ex-gay therapy. He resigned as LIA’s executive director in 2008. In the same column quoted above, he also acknowledged his own identity as a homosexual man in a heterosexual marriage, an arrangement once tried by openly gay Episcopalian Bishop Gene Robinson, and something Smid discusses openly with his wife

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  • Jasun Mark

    Yeah sorry for all those dead gay teenagers and ruined lives, women used for cover while their husbands trolled grindr and brought home STDs from the bath house. I got caught up ithe definition of “gay.”

    I’m sure you understand.

    In the words of Madonna… “I don’t want to hear, I don’t want to know, please don’t say you’re sorry.”

  • magnetic

    it’s really great whenever ex-anti-gay individuals realize their errors and admit it publicly. just goes to show that all of the bigotry towards LGBs is logically flawed and anyone willing to give it some critical thought will realize how completely hateful their stances are.

  • Dan Cobb

    Interesting, but rather typical. The interesting part is that this man has
    liberated his thinking and allowed himself to be honest publicly.
    Attraction between people is rarely just about sex. And having sex is not
    what makes a person homosexual. Sex is simply a result of acting on one of
    the many attractions a homosexual men feels for another man. Homosexual attraction
    is psychological, emotional, physical, etc. EXACTLY the same as heterosexual
    attraction. Having those attractions is what makes a man a homosexual.
    As a gay man, I am attracted to other men, their mannerism, their ideas, their
    looks, their MALENESS. I just love maleness. And yes, a part of that is genital/sexual,
    but it’s so much more than that. The religious weirdos who think that heterosexuality is only about penis in vagina… and that homosexuality is only about penis in… well, everywhere, they’re people who cannot understand attraction on a mental, emotional, gender, or psychological level. They seem to believe that human relationships are akin
    to bears mating, or wildebeest in Africa, just having sex to procreate, nothing more between them. They live more at a bestial level than people who can actually feel love
    and compassion and caring for a life partner.

  • Little Kiwi

    the ex-gay movement is, of course, bullshit. it hinges on religion. it’s basically saying “you’re gay because you lack jesus in your life”

    it takes idiocy to new heights.

    “Sorry, folks. God can’t (or won’t?) cure your five year-old daughter’s leukemia, He’s too busy making a bunch of gay white boys in the heartland develop a taste for poontang”

    literally. God can’t cure disease, won’t end wars, wont’ prevent children from being raped, but will find the time to make a gay person straight? that’s an insult to everyone in the world who actually has a REAL problem.

    this man is a pious hypocritical coward with blood on his hands.

  • Michael

    There has never been and never will be anything such as an EX-GAY.Only people who are repressing who they truly are in order to satisfy what everyone else wants and desires of them.It is sad that they are so brainwashed and not able to see that they are only doing harm to themselves and the supposed loving family members or friends are not loving at all.Anyone who loves someone would embrace and accept them for what they are not attempt to scar someone and try to change the very fabric of what they are as human beings.Just tragic in so many ways.

  • the crustybastard

    FTFA: “Today, I understand why the gay community had such an issue with my writings.”

    Wrong. As. Usual. You clearly do not have the slightest fucking idea why we have an issue with you and your superstitious hucksterism at the expense of the weak-minded and gullible.

    “Jesus can change you, but not that much.” Really? Fuck you and your Jesus-scented snake oil, asshole.

  • Ogre Magi

    @the crustybastard: Yeah, how many lives has this fool ruined!

  • jonjon1968

    What gets me is the money these programs charge self-hating LGBT people to repress who they are. Gays have been doing that for centuries without expensive treatments. I guess it’s like Nutra-System. Yes, you can lose weight by eating sensibly and exercising, but pay us and our program does the work for you. But, you gain back the weight if you stop. Gays always return to their natural state if they stop watching every action they make or policing every thought in their head. That is a fact. Even that idiot Richard Cohen who claims to be happily married 20 plus years admits he is still attracted to men. He just chooses to live a lie and that is because he is a weak, pathetic conformist. Set him up alone with a super hot guy in a sting operation. I guarantee he would be on his knees in five minutes flat – and honey, it wouldn’t be to pray to Jesus!

  • ewe

    Show me an authentic ex gay and i can go around saying i am an ex straight. PATHETIC.

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