So often people will say someone needs to “repent” from homosexuality. It is something that actually cannot be repented of! People are, or they are not, homosexual. It is an intrinsic part of their being or personally, my being. One cannot repent of something that is unchangeable…

Yes, there are homosexuals that make dramatic changes in their lives as they walk through the transformation process with Jesus… Many are able to then nurture an authentic relationship with Christ because they are being honest and authentic with themselves and finally are able to accept His love unconditionally which changes the dynamic of their understanding of Him… But, I’m sorry… I’ve never met a man who experienced a change from homosexual to heterosexual….

I used to define homosexuality or heterosexuality in terms describing one’s behavior. I thought it made sense and through the years often wrote articles and talked from that perspective.

Today, I understand why the gay community had such an issue with my writings. My perspective denied so many facets of the homosexual experience. I minimized a person’s life to just their sexuality but homosexuality is much more than sex.

– John Smid, the former Executive Director of Love in Action, one of the largest and oldest ex-gay ministries, discussing his change of heart over the years towards gays and ex-gay therapy. He resigned as LIA’s executive director in 2008. In the same column quoted above, he also acknowledged his own identity as a homosexual man in a heterosexual marriage, an arrangement once tried by openly gay Episcopalian Bishop Gene Robinson, and something Smid discusses openly with his wife

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