Hot Marine Turned Underwear Model Alex Minsky’s Dick Pics Are Finally Here

tumblr_mpskvo9uvc1qlatf4o6_400War hero turned underwear model Alex Minsky has inspired thousands with the harrowing account of losing his leg as a Marine in Afghanistan and the smokin’ hot bod he developed during rehabilitation.

Today, Minsky continues to inspire wet dreams gay men with a series of uncensored leaked cock shots.

It’s unclear who leaked the fully-nude selfies, be it an old girlfriend or Minsky himself, but they’re available for you to look at for free on the Internet now, so who the hell really cares? A screenshot of an Instagram post from Christine Dolce a.k.a. “ForBiddeN” suggests the former MySpace celebrity did the deed—here’s hoping she has a full-blown Minsky porno coming soon:






Click here to see the uncensored nudes!

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  • KittyLitter

    “Don’t Laugh”?
    Really? Talk about tacky.

  • Bobby Christina Crawford

    What does the “Don’t Laugh’ tat mean?

  • mmedesevigne

    Is it just me, or is this much ink really creepy and not hot? I’ve never liked tattoos, but this strikes me as so over the top as to symptomatic of deeper problems.

    And please spare me the “I can do whatever I want with my body”; “they’re so meaningful to me;” “they tell my story,” etc., etc.

    One day soon, gravity will take over and these tight, muscled bodies will look like hell. Oh, well, at least the caregivers at the nursing home will have a good laugh.

  • Stache1

    I think it’s nice:) He’s got a memorial to his brother and he’s paying respect to dear ol Mom. You just don’t see that anymore.

  • Sweet Boy

    Far too much ink…in a few years he will look like an old floral shower curtain…next !

  • Derek Williams

    Hot! Each to their own tastes, but I like this.

  • Meowzer

    I think he’s got a hot body and adorable face, but those tats are just such a turn off. Way over the top – in a bad way. And the “Don’t Laugh” tattoo over his crotch… believe me, I won’t. Suck on it yes, laugh at it no.

  • Jay

    Oh look, stereotypically bitchy and judgmental comments, shocking. The boy lost a leg in war, perhaps he’s allowed some ink free from y’alls projected notions of beauty. And all this aside from the fact that he’s 25; the “in a few years” comments about his tattoos are more like, in 50 years, when we’ll all have sagging skin. I doubt yours will be any prettier than his. Perspective – always a good thing.

  • chaddyboy6

    agree. gross.

  • KittyLitter

    @mmedesevigne: and guys with rose tattoos…. yuck.

  • Sweet Boy

    @Jay: My skin may sag in 50 years…but I won’t look like an old shower curtain

  • viveutvivas

    I wouldn’t put permanent tats like that on myself (I might do temporary ones though) but I’d still do him in a second. I do think they actually look quite good in the black and white picture.

  • Shofixti

    Perhaps his tattoos hide other scarring from…. you know…. being in the calamity that cost him his leg?

  • Wayne_in_NYC

    What’s funniest about this story is that Minsky was on The View this morning and minutes later, these pics came out! Good publicist or spiteful ex-girlfriend?

  • the other Greg

    His tattoos look like my great-grandma’s doilies.

    Underneath them he’s a hot guy!

  • NateB79

    My fervent prayers have been answered! I’m already warming my wrist up for when I get home. :)

  • Fitz

    His face and body are beautiful. The avg. dick is even nice.. avg guys are hot– but he really overdid the ink.

  • bbenatar

    I am sure Alex is really concerned that a bunch of tired old queens don’t like his tattoos.

  • domen8r

    I wish we could like and dislike some of the comments on here. So u cont like that many tattoos? Gr8 then chase other guys and leave the inked to us. In fifty years he’ll still be hot to plenty of folks, will still have his war record, Nd most likely not be as judgemental as yr inkfree (or “tasteful” trendy tribal armbanded/PoohBeared/Asian-symboled) skin has left u decades earlier. I would RATHER enjoy any grandma’s curtains than yr tired queeny tude.

  • domen8r

    PS wish we could edit comments on here too…

  • iMort

    So this is the breeder pandering to us queers for what??? Plenty of gay men out there who deserve as much if not more. Oh I forgot, no one is really straight and the dream is better than reality. Nice ink.

  • MK Ultra

    I like the ink. I’d so let him hit it!

  • mcflyer54

    If the “don’t laugh” was placed there as an indication of what was below I can honestly say I see absolutely NOTHING to laugh about … I’m not a fan of all that ink but I do think he’s a really hot man.

  • viveutvivas

    @mcflyer, I agree, he’s selling himself short ;) He’s plenty big.

  • Matt1961

    Man oh man is this guy hot. I don’t have a single Tat but I’d be all over this like a … gay man on a hot young body. haha.

  • pauleky

    @Fitz: Average? You’re out of your mind. Size queens are sad clowns.

  • ho

    Very Hot. Thank you Alex for your service to our country.
    Ignore the pathetic self-loathing critics here.

  • Jonty Coppersmith

    They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Well in the eye of this beholder this is not beauty. Why ruin a nice body with all that ugly ink?
    Physical beauty is only skin-deep, so maybe he’s beautiful on the inside.

  • MMDD

    Another beautiful male body ruined by all that fucking ink.

  • mz.sam

    WOW! Now THAT”S what I called Semper Fi HARD!!!

  • Mdterp01

    @Fitz: Average? That looks a little above average to me. Actually looks like the perfect size if you ask me. Not too small and not too big. I’m not one for tattoos. I don’t have any tattoos or piercings nor plan on ever getting any, but there are some guys where I find it very hot. This guy is one of them. If other guys want to do that then to each his own. I think he is very sexy and has a handsome face and seems to have that look like he will lay the pipe nicely.

  • Horse Lips

    As I read these comments I just keep thinking “if you can’t say anything nice…”. Seriously, making bitchy comments does nothing but make you look bitchy. It’s not cute.

  • davincibarnette

    @Wayne_in_NYC: The pics were on the Instinct site yesterday.

  • Black Pegasus

    I’m sure he has a nice Johnson but I’m not searching to find any dick pics.. When he decides to show off that ass let me know.

  • Mdterp01

    @Black Pegasus: ^5 I know thats right. I’m an ass man too. Much more interested in whats going on from the back than the front. If there’s one body part I’m picky about its that one. Must have some junk in the trunk and not a long back with a crack in it.

  • drgnlvrdjl

    OK kids, call it what you. Everyone has their thing. He’s just way to hot, makes me want to just eat him up. Definitely would NOT kick that one to the curb

  • DennisPoz

    Alex has a nice body and is nicely equipped (check out the Instagram picture), but OH My, way too much ink!

  • yaletownman

    A total work of art!

  • jwrappaport

    A bit too much ink for me, but what a stud. Bet he looks mighty fine in his dress blues =)

  • AdamNichols

    @mmedesevigne: I think the fact you are so concerned with what other people do to their own bodies is symptomatic of deeper problems. Why do you care? Don’t like tattoos? Don’t get any. Don’t get with guys who have them. Simple. Get over it and mind your own business.

  • hotshot70

    very nice. Saw the uncensored versions. Love the tongue out pic.

  • HirsuteOne

    Very odd looking shaft on the penis. Something doesn’t look quite right. Almost like he’s had surgery to release the ligament to increase the length of the penis.

  • SteveDenver

    @mmedesevigne: If you’ve never liked tattoos, there’s your answer. You don’t like them and don’t want to hear otherwise.

    WHY ASK?

  • Dxley

    Oh my god, who the hell cares? I’ve seen bigger and better. And he’s not gay, so what’s the fuss? Shouldn’t you be focussing on actual gay stories?

  • DarthKitsune

    I feel bad for Alex, all these queens chomping at the bit to see him nude and spreading the evidence far and wide. Model or not, this man’s private photos were still maliciously leaked and the leaker needs to have their fingers broken repeatedly until they turn gangrenous and fall off.

  • Sebizzar

    As if he wasn’t hott enough ;D It’s official, I want this guy on our team!

  • viveutvivas

    @Mdterp01, thank you. What a perfect backside.

  • Munkypunk

    In 50 years time it won’t matter. It matters now, it is hot now. Ya bunch of prudes.

  • nevereclipsed81

    I rarely like full body tats, but his are good.. They’re solid and consistent and nice color choices.. hot.

  • jonjak13

    @mmedesevigne: Yeah, it’s just you. When they were passing out the ‘judgemental’ gene you got more than your fair share. Ease up, fella. The pope is less critical than you.

  • viveutvivas

    @Sebizzar, I think he may eventually join our team. Just a hunch.

  • Ken

    Too much body graffiti for me.

  • chub4bears

    His junk did not disappoint. Will be first on line when the sex tape come out

  • MMDD

    @chub4bears: We need to start calling it “treasure” instead of “junk.” Whoever came up with that term should be horsewhipped.

  • mz.sam

    Well guys, Alex found out and had all web sites pull the plug on on his smokin’ fireplug.

  • Sebizzar

    @mz.sam: I just checked, you’re right! :( But, I’m sure they’ll be up somewhere soon enough again lol.

  • jwrappaport

    Bah! Where can we find them again?

  • mcflyer54

    @iMort: What makes you think he’s “pandering” to gays? He didn’t write this article. I haven’t seen anywhere that’s he has made any comments concerning gay people. He’s simply trying to make a living as a model. Good for him. And, if gay men want to make him some kind of sex object then that is totally out of his control.

  • mcflyer54

    @jwrappaport – they’re out there. a real quick bing, yahoo or google search will provide at least 7 different sites that have them posted.

  • Dipest

    Hey! Where are the picks? Weren’t they supposed to be here? They are all banned! Tricky headline! That’s not fair!

  • Mykey

    He is gorgeous, tattoos n all…

  • gypsywanderer

    What’s with all the tat hating? He looks amazing and so do the tats. Not everybody likes the same boring cookie cutter crap as some of you do. And the whole “when he’s old and saggy” comment; really? I doubt this guy is ever gonna sag. He obviously cares about staying in shape. Get over yourselves, the whole bitter bitchy queen thing is boring and predictable.

  • Mezaien

    with a ass like his I could make a lot of money.

  • Black Swan


  • Winterizcumming

    I think he is beautiful!! I love his face and body. Glitch n I think you are getting my messages. To confirm there is a turtle ohe n my desk, put him on his back. Than I will know.

  • bambamboom777

    @mmedesevigne: I think it totally depends on the person. I don’t have any, although I’ve considered it. For me it’s hard to think of anything I’d want inked on me permanently. But on some guys it looks really hot IMO. Even the ones who have lots of them, if they’re done well and appropriate. On others not so much. I guess it would be good motivation to stay in shape. It’s such a common cultural practice now, at least in the U.S. and among anyone under 35, that I don’t think it’s symptomatic of deeper issues at all. If anything it’s just fashionable or maybe serves as a rite of passage for some people. Anyway, it’s pretty harmless and also provides a living for a lot of artists.

  • imperator

    @mmedesevigne: “And please spare me the “I can do whatever I want with my body”; “they’re so meaningful to me;” “they tell my story,” etc., etc.”

    Oh, you mean ‘spare you’ the only arguments that matter when it comes to tattoos? Because “it’s my body to do with as I please, they’re meaningful to me, and they tell my story” are, combined, three times more justification than anyone owes you for getting inked. If you don’t like ’em, look away, but when it comes to body art you have no place telling someone else their business.

  • BBNoHo

    @Sweet Boy: LOFingL

  • BBNoHo

    I guess he’s not Jewish.

  • TK

    Hmm, hate much people? Sure, you may not be into an overly done body canvass of ink but to coin that dull phrase “it’s my body and I’ll do to it as I want” cliche. We’ve all heard it before. To pop your bubbles, that is by far, not to many tattoo’s, I’ve seen the entire male body covered and yes, the dick too! Now, as for his nude pix (which were removed at his request… if your curious (oh I know I was) Google his full name then in the search bar next to his name, type “nude” without a comma. His pix are here, in full frontal glory. After I got my fill of viewing, he still doesn’t do jack for this fella, tattoo’s or not. Call me shallow but hey, I don’t care if you have the dick of death or a sweet ass or a hot body… looks to this fella are everything. He wouldn’t do, not even for a fast fling. Sorry, but I simply, can’t get past his face. But that’s my opinion and just like everyone else, I am, entitled to it.

  • dmanhart

    @TK: I hope you at least honor him for being a marine in Iraq who lost his leg from an IUD.

    Respect for the disabled veterans? Or no? No respect? Nada?

  • timm h

    “ALEX MINSKY (Update: Mr. Minsky’s photos have been taken down per his request. xo)”

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