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How Many Favors Is Rep. Ike Skelton Doing You On DADT? Zero

So House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is promising a vote on a DADT repeal, but House Armed Services Committee Chairman Ike Skelton, the Democrat from Missouri, says don’t even think of discussing it while they put together the Defense Department spending bill. Huh.

Skelton says he and Rep. Howard McKeon, the ranking committee Republican, have agreed “have agreed to support” the Pentgon’s desire to “study the issue” before legislating around it. Which means as the defense budget bill is marked up in the coming week, DADT won’t be a part of it. “We do not support this issue being raised in this markup.”

Not that anyone really expected that strategy to pan out. Which means it’s up to Rep. Patrick Murphy, who’s been pushing for repeal, to introduce the measure as an amendment as the 2011 National Defense Authorization Act goes to a full vote.

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  • Lanjier

    Obama has actively worked against the repeal of DADT until after they November elections to get the independent voters.

    But after the November elections it is GAME OVER.

  • Cam

    Funny, when Chris Dodd just tried to insert a provision int he banking reform bill to “Study” the issue, opponents called it a cheap stalling tactic and he was forced to pull it. Funny how the same party doesn’t seem to think this is the same thing.

  • AndrewW

    Today “about a dozen protesters” showed up in DC for a “Demand ENDA Now Rally.” They brought the “ENDA Dancers” that performed a number based on the Village People favorite Y-M-C-A, but changed the letters and lyrics to reflect their anger and frustration. Cute.

    Meanwhile another dozen misfit got arrested in Senator Durbin’s office because he wouldn’t “pledge to bring ENDA to a vote.” He wasn’t even there. After they began chanting, police removed them.

    Silly, embarrassing stunts.

    GetATTENTION is almost out of money. This lunacy will stop soon. I get the sense that eventually they’ll just kidnap the President’s daughters and hold them hostage. Demanding may work with some hostages. Right?

  • Storm

    AndrewW, you go from blog to blog criticizing the efforts of others. So WHAT is your big plan to further our rights? Just lie quietly on your back and stick all eight legs in the air?

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