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How Many Thousands of People Will Chain Themselves to the White House Fence on May 2?

We’re totally suckers for trailers. Even the American Family Association’s teaser for The End of Religious Freedom in America? has us itching for delicious buttered popcorn. So now that GetEQUAL — those ka-ray-zee activists who actually care less about your money than your rights — has released this number to promote its May 2 rally in front of the White House, we can totally start flowing the anticipation juices.

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  • AndrewW

    Will there be free drinks?

  • Jon

    I don’t know about you, but I am seeing if I can make it to this protest!

  • Joey

    I’m there! Can’t wait!


    I really enjoy the, “I know you are but what am I?” part of Andrew’s post, but both parties are partaking in the immature behavior and emotional surges can override any logic and credibility of any movement, if not carefully handled. As the GLBTQ Community, we must peacefully go forward, and stop “waiting” for change.

    Passion for civil rights should not be mistaken for emotional sloppiness and I fully support Dan Choi and GetEqual- you learn from your mistakes and march on. Any life threats, bricks thrown through windows, or Hitler mustaches drawn will make us look like uneducated inbred hicks. In addition, beside the LGBTQ Community, the more we encompass for Civil Rights, I feel we’d be pretty surprised at who our allies would be.

  • AndrewW

    @TONYD: They are just publicity stunts. How do they help us?

    We don’t need attention, we need support.

    Barney frank was right – GetEqual is “immature, childish and stupid.”

    If they stunts are supposed to be helpful, GetEqual should explain how. I know they want to be celebrities, but how does that help us?


    @AndrewW: Obviously, Obama stopped his narcissistic speech for Babs Boxer to acknowledge the hecklers’s concern. Old Barney Frank seemed pretty annoyed his “commands” over the LGBTQs were ignored, and GetEqual and Dan Choi are gathering support and press, while HRC is gaining critics for standing back and it wouldn’t shock me if they lose funds this coming year. I know my money and support is going elsewhere, as I continue writing politicians about my concerns.

  • Anderson

    Just a bunch of want to be GI Joe’s who want to kill while wearing a uniform. Against Obama because they are racists.

  • AndrewW

    GetEqual is only gathering laughs. If you want to suggest they are being effective – please explain.

    They are trying to get media attention so they can raise money.


    @AndrewW: For one, you have taken the initiative on other Queerty posts to take cheap shots at the organization, before anyone else posts anything positive about them. Glad to see they made a bird house in your soul. =)

  • Andrew

    AFA will of course spin this to prove every Gay owns a pair of handcuffs. ;D

  • AndrewW

    @TONYD: NOBODY has posted anything positive about GetEqualcbecause they’re not helping us – they are just embarrassing us.

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