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How Should Guys Cruising The Gym Locker Room Be Handled?

We all know ABC News’ What Would You Do? cameras are willing to film people’s reactions to seeing two affectionate male soldiers or a father attacking his son for being gay. But what I’d really like to see if those cameras inside a gym locker room, finding out how people react to seeing other guys screwing around in the showers and steam room. In London, two men were just arrested for doing just that in the sauna at a Virgin Active gym; they’ve been charged with “outraging public decency” after employees rang the cops. Now I know plenty of other gay guys (some are my best friends) who engage in locker room activities. Some are more discreet than others, choosing to play only behind enclosed shower stalls, while others don’t care if there’s a hand under their towel in full display of others taking a steam. And I also have plenty of friends who, while they don’t take part in locker room play, have no problem with it — so long as it doesn’t impact their ability to shower, shave, and change. Others aren’t so accommodating. (One friend repeatedly reports locker room play to his gym’s management.) So I’ll pose the question to Queerty readers: Is cruising in the locker room something to be tolerated (or even encouraged), or cracked down on? Does it matter of the gym is in a gayborhood, or obviously caters to a gay clientele? Should we insist those who get caught be arrested? At the very least, lose their gym memberships? Does it harm The Gays’ reputation, or should that not matter? Maybe it’s just an innocent pastime we should honor and, if we don’t like it, ignore?