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Should guys be cruising in the locker room?

Should guys be cruising in the locker room? Handsome guys at fitness studio doing their own staff before training

We’ve all seen ABC News’ What Would You Do? cameras capturing reactions to various scenarios, like seeing two affectionate male soldiers or a father attacking his son for being gay. But we’d really like to see those cameras inside a gym locker room. How would people react to seeing other guys screwing around in the showers and steam room…AKA cruising?

What is cruising?

“Cruising” often involves gay guys scoping out potential partners, typically in pursuit of anonymous sexual encounters.

In London, two men were arrested for this in the sauna at a Virgin Active gym. The two were charged with “outraging public decency” after employees called the cops on them. The Queerty staff knows plenty of other gay guys (some are our best friends) who cruise the locker room. Some are more discreet than others, playing only behind enclosed shower stalls.

Some guys don’t care if there’s a hand under their towel in full display of others taking a steam. We also have plenty of friends who, while they don’t take part in locker room play, have no problem with it — as long as it doesn’t impact their ability to shower and change. One friend repeatedly reports locker room play to his gym’s management!

To cruise (in the locker room) or not to cruise?


We browsed Reddit to see some other perspectives on cruising in the locker room. Here’s what users had to say:

“In about twenty-five to thirty years of using public showers and locker rooms…that was the only time I ever had anything happen with me. I never once saw anything sexual with other guys.”

No_Fortune9958 after explaining a very sexy shower encounter

“I don’t really cruise often, but it has happened to me at the gym on two separate occasions. The first was at a Planet Fitness, this really hot boy was eyeing me up our entire workout. Or maybe I was eyeing him up more. Either way, he made the moves and I ended up walking to the shower in the back and he smiled at me, and things went from there…”

Anvil-Vapre on cruising in the locker room

Is cruising the locker room something to be tolerated (or even encouraged) or cracked down on? Does it matter if the gym is in a gayborhood or obviously caters to a gay clientele? Should we insist those who get caught be arrested? At the very least, lose their gym memberships?

Weigh in on the hot topic of guys cruising locker rooms below!

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