A shirtless man laying down on a massage table receiving a vibro massage from another shirtless man.

Welcome to the “Men’s Gym,” where you can get “rubbed down, shaken up, tumbled and pushed around for a price and a purpose.”

That sounds like the gayest place ever, right?

But actually, it’s just a regular old gym from the 1960s.

There is seemingly no shortage of very gay exercise tutorials from the postwar era. Previously, we’ve highlighted an absurdly homoerotic 1950s workout video, and 1965 British weightlifting video that’s filled with singlets and gay sexual imagery.

But those provocative reels are just appetizers for the main course: “1960s Men’s Gym.”

And no, we don’t think that’s code for “bathhouse,” though the “Men’s Gym” certainly has all of the amenities, complete with a steamy sauna. But more on that in a bit. Sauna trips are earned!

First, you’ve gotta get rubbed down and shaken up, remember?

The video from British Pathé, a well-known newsreel archive of 85,000 films, is ostensibly an instructional video on how to workout at the gym. But the homoeroticism is hard to miss, beginning with the fact there are no women. (This is a “Men’s Gym,” after all.)

Fittingly, one of the first men viewers see is a muscular blonde doing squats. He’s wearing white, too, so everything is visible.

Man doing squats in a white t-shirt.

The upbeat narrator says the gym is the place to go if you “want to turn fat and fleb into nice hard muscle.” But we must admit: some of these old workout fads are… interesting.

For some reason, people appeared to think that having their fat jiggled would actually accomplish something. In the video, there is a man in a speedo laying down on a fat-jiggling machine. (Another older gentleman is standing upright, with a machine jiggling his belly.)

The man’s hands are behind his head, and he’s staring longingly off into the distance. It’s almost like he’s dreaming of a happy ending.

Shirtless man laying down with his hands behind his head.

But enough with the foreplay. At around the 40-second mark–right after we see a man sit his butt on a moving pin–the narrator tells viewers who they might encounter at a “Men’s Gym.”

A full-time muscle man, of course! And boy, he can really work you out.

“There’s a full-time muscle man to make you feel at home, or just plain useless,” the narrator says.


There he is, in the short blue shorts, doing chest presses.

Shortly thereafter, viewers are told it is “best to start with nice, easy exercises…though someone is always there to stretch a point.”

Such as the chiseled man stretching himself out on a massive barbell, wearing a red and blue speedo.

Shirtless man with blonde hair wearing a red speedo and stretching himself out.

The “Men’s Gym” looks like it can be a physically taxing place. Fortunately, there is a sauna.

“Open up the pores and let it pour off you!,” the narrator exclaims.

That’s one way to describe it. The three men just hanging out in their towels seem to be having a grand old time…and sitting very close to one another.

As the narrator says, this seems to be where the really let off steam.

But hopefully not too much steam, because there is a climax: a vibro massage!

According to Google, a vibro massage machine is supposed to relax muscles and increase blood circulation.

It probably doesn’t hurt that the masseur in the video is absolutely delicious.

Shirtless man laying down on a massage table receiving a vibro massage.

After their workout, sauna visit and massage, visitors to the “Men’s Gym” can head to the cafeteria, where the narrator says they’re “vegetarian for the day.”

And that’s totally fine. The “Men’s Gym” seems to supply plenty of meat.

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