How The Family Research Council + Concerned Women For America Will Make CPAC 2011 Slightly More Bearable

By ditching it! With Jimmy LaSalvia’s GOProud saying it will once again sponsor CPAC, and with CPAC organizers apparently okay with this, the Family Research Council and Concerned Women for America have both dropped out of the annual conservative circle jerk, following the boycotts of groups like NOM, Americans for Truth about Homosexuality, and the Capital Research Center. Does this mean we should be applauding those behind the American Conservative Union’s Conservative Political Action Conference — for supporting the (very, very confused) gays while letting hate leaders drop out? And should we expect Matt Lab

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  • Daez

    Any time we manage to shut the mouths of hatemongerers and truly stupid terrorists (people that use scare tactics to achieve their goals) we should celebrate no matter how it is done. This one is chalked up to GOProud.

  • John

    Awesome. Let’s have the rest of the social cons take their marbles and stomp off in a huff too. This is a civil war the GOP needs to have. It would really be nice to look at proposals from both parties on real issues like taxes, energy, etc. without one side poisoning the well by targetting those with whom they have religious disagreements.

  • chimmy

    They’re probably cooking something up. You can trust these groups as far as you can throw them. Maggie Gallagher would take some big balls to even pick up.

  • Steve

    Hate and discrimination against gay people was never a core value of the GOP. Their only core values are money and power. Everything else has always been just a means to those ends.

    They used anti-gay rhetoric as a way to get votes from people who will never have either money or power. But the utility of anti-gay is wearing out. As more and more people realize that gay people should be treated fairly, the hateful rhetoric no longer serves to motivate them.

    The US has recently passed the point where more than half of all voters now believe that gay people should be treated fairly. After that point, anti-gay rhetoric costs more votes than it gets. The GOP establishment knows this, and so they are abandoning the anti-gay rhetoric.

    Some of the people who were motivated by that rhetoric, just don’t get it. They are still motivated by anti-gay hatred. But, the politicians who actually count votes are moving on.

    If the so-called “family” organizations want to survive and thrive, they should modify their messaging, also. They could begin by realizing that gay people are family members, and that most extended families have gay family members.

    If they don’t, the AFA and the FRC will go the way of the KKK. They will lose membership and power, until no one pays them any attention.

  • Luis

    @ Steve.

    You’re right, but it will take quite some time, at least 20 years before those organizations become irrelevant.

    I do think that this battle will be won in a generational speaking sense.

  • Daez

    @chimmy: Oh, you just know they will boycott it and probably picket it, but that just makes the GOP look worse. No matter what, this comes out looking better for the gays.

  • Daez

    @Steve: Interesting that you would chose the KKK because the KKK is actually seeing a massive influx in membership because they honestly do know how to adapt to thrive. Now that they are targeting Arabs and Illegal Immigrants instead of Blacks, they are getting many more people on board.

    FRC, NOM and the like are better served by going after single mothers or people that have abortions. Perhaps, Maggot knows that and that is why she at the helm. She would never go after people that have had abortions since she did it in a serial nature, or would she?

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