Victoria Jackson isn’t quite done with her anti-gay, anti-Glee roadshow, which she took to CNN’s Showbiz Tonight last week — otherwise known as the “liberal, left, propaganda channel!” (Her words.) The former SNL cast member has recounted her experience on the program where, as so many Bible-based bigots before her did, she paints herself as the victim. Well Howard Stern, for one, isn’t having it.

Reliving his nightmarish television appearance, Jackson writes:

It’s now 5:05 p.m. at the CNN interrogation room. In my ear contraption, I can’t tell when the blond lady is talking to America or when she is talking to me. There are all these noises, dings, zings, flashbacks, videos, her face, my face. I hear her shout, “Are you homophobic?!!” a couple times. Her eyes are full of hate. These people are like robots, pod people. They have no minds of their own. They say the words they’ve been programmed to say, even if it’s stupid. They support the Muslim agenda. However, Muslims kill homosexuals and behead women. When these pod people get confused, they shout, “Hate speech, bigot!”

[…] Gays propagate the opinion that they were born this way and have no choice. They say they did not ask for their same-sex attraction. Everyone I know was born with sexual attraction they did not ask for. Should they act on it? Should my husband commit adultery because he has an attraction to another woman? Should my teenager fornicate because she was born with a strong urge to have sex with her boyfriend? Should I have sex with anyone I am attracted to? II Corinthians 10:5 says to “take every thought captive.”

Oh please, says Howard: “This reminds me of the Republicans and their agenda. … Here’s a group of people, they don’t want abortions, then a gay guy goes with his boyfriend to adopt an orphan — they’re against that too. It’s all horseshit. Nonsense, these issues. … Kids are having sex, they are gay, so why do they have to feel bad about themselves.”

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