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Howard Stern Wants Victoria Jackson To Address Her Own Sin (Of Gluttony)

Victoria Jackson isn’t quite done with her anti-gay, anti-Glee roadshow, which she took to CNN’s Showbiz Tonight last week — otherwise known as the “liberal, left, propaganda channel!” (Her words.) The former SNL cast member has recounted her experience on the program where, as so many Bible-based bigots before her did, she paints herself as the victim. Well Howard Stern, for one, isn’t having it.

Reliving his nightmarish television appearance, Jackson writes:

It’s now 5:05 p.m. at the CNN interrogation room. In my ear contraption, I can’t tell when the blond lady is talking to America or when she is talking to me. There are all these noises, dings, zings, flashbacks, videos, her face, my face. I hear her shout, “Are you homophobic?!!” a couple times. Her eyes are full of hate. These people are like robots, pod people. They have no minds of their own. They say the words they’ve been programmed to say, even if it’s stupid. They support the Muslim agenda. However, Muslims kill homosexuals and behead women. When these pod people get confused, they shout, “Hate speech, bigot!”

[…] Gays propagate the opinion that they were born this way and have no choice. They say they did not ask for their same-sex attraction. Everyone I know was born with sexual attraction they did not ask for. Should they act on it? Should my husband commit adultery because he has an attraction to another woman? Should my teenager fornicate because she was born with a strong urge to have sex with her boyfriend? Should I have sex with anyone I am attracted to? II Corinthians 10:5 says to “take every thought captive.”

Oh please, says Howard: “This reminds me of the Republicans and their agenda. … Here’s a group of people, they don’t want abortions, then a gay guy goes with his boyfriend to adopt an orphan — they’re against that too. It’s all horseshit. Nonsense, these issues. … Kids are having sex, they are gay, so why do they have to feel bad about themselves.”

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  • CockyRock

    Victoria Jackson: Has-been. Howard Stern: Rich has-been. Anyone criticizing Ms. Jackson for her weight? Behold, you must be the most perfect human specimens wandering the planet.

  • Jay

    This dumb bigot fails to realize that the only difference between her and those homophobic Muslim fundamentalists she yaps about is her consumption of several pounds of bacon.

  • Jay

    @CockyRock: You don’t get it. No one gives a rat’s arse if she’s fat or thin, but for the fact that she selectively shoves biblical edicts down other’s throats, when she herself doesn’t follow one of the principal commandments of not engaging in gluttony.

  • james_from_cambridge

    You should listen to the whole thing: he lets this stupid c*nt have it using the most vulgar, disgusting terms you can imagine and I love him for it! Howard is one of our biggest allies and a great critic of the hypocritical politicians and Jeebus freaks and it’s cathartic to listen to him destroy them all in no uncertain terms!

  • ALEX

    Yeah, Victoria seems to have forgotten the time when Jesus saw the crowd about to stone the ‘fallen woman’ and suggested, “Let he who is without sin among you cast the first stone.” Jesus did not condemn people — just as we should not condemn one another.

  • TO

    One would think she has the hang of appearing on live TV by now, strange.

  • prohomo

    @ALEX: Don’t misunderstand: Jesus DID condemn sin. He told the adulterer to go and sin no more, she was forgiven. Jesus did not approve of her adultery. Good grief, how obvious could it be? Now,that said, I don’t believe Jesus condemns homosexuality.

  • jordn

    she’s truly stupid. but saying that doesn’t help. i’ve realized you almost have to attempt to engage this sort of stupidity, show how it’s illogical, and point out how the only justification they really feel they need is the strength of their belief.

    on that note, the adultery/gay conflation is highly flawed, one can see this in the fact that gay marriage exists, and that it has the same tenets that ‘straight marriage does.’ if gay sexuality, in itself, means that all sexual attraction should be acted on, then it also means that rapes should be considered just, that marriages are meaningless; how could this be the case when a considerable part of the community predicates the solidity of its bonds upon a socially, politically valid marriage? How could all gay human beings by existing, be a proponent of all sexual crimes? Perception of wrongness is not the only index of actual human violation.

    interestingly, what you get from all these is the idea that part of marriage’s sacredness is predicated on what acts it EXCLUDES.

    once again, an anti-gay argument built on the apparent ‘extremeness’ and ‘wrongness’ of homosexuality – comparing adultery and teenage fornication to a range of sexual expression that takes place between older couples, consenting younger adults in committed relationships, drunk jerks in clubs, etc.

  • Ken

    Anger. Gluttony. Pride. Divorce. Gossip. Lust. Sloth. Homosexuality.
    In the Bible there is no shortage of sins, and more than one rise to the level of being an “abomination” or “vileness”. Yet some of these sins are… more universal. Any member of the faithful can (be and on occasion probably has been) guilty.

    Take gossip: A vileness or abomination (Proverbs 6, Leviticus 19, Psalms 101). It is also one of the few human faults which Jesus actually addresses (Matthew 18) when he tells his disciples in resolving disputes to “… point out their fault, just between the two of you..”. And it is a human fault that probably touches every single member of any church or congregation. So if naturally if the faithful were to call out and actively condemn gossip as an abomination… well, you see the problem. Nobody likes to be told they are an abomination in the eyes of their Lord.

    But homosexuality? Odds are that most members of a church or congregation feel they can safely condemn it without fear or risk that THEY might ever be be found guilty. Same with male clergy (and all men, for that matter) when it comes to abortion: No man is ever going to be guilty of having one!

    Some abominations are easier to condemn than others, especially when you know you are safe. Like Victoria, you just have to know how to pick and choose ’em.

  • Jeffree


  • Geoff B

    @TO: She never got the hang of doing live TV during the 6 years she was on SNL.

  • Ogre Magi

    Liberals love to accuse conservatives of not having read the Bible, but the fact is, neither side has read it. There are two Jesuses alive and well in America today and neither of them come from the Bible. One is a greedy capitalist and the other is a wishy washy New Age hippie.

    Jesus is a terrible role model by any of today’s standards. Even if you ignore the fucked up things he said (“I come not to bring peace, but a sword”) and take the best of his teachings – love your neighbor, do unto others – these are utterly simplistic and obvious statements that people had come up with centuries before Jesus supposedly lived. You would learn a million more valuable things about morality by taking one semester of ethics in college. Or hell, high school, if they offer it.

  • Jeffree

    Theologians can’t even agree on the meaning (or best translation) of the word that is translated as abomination….

  • jamienoir

    I don’t know why everyone is getting so excited over what she said. If someone is going to go on CNN and say these things shouldn’t we all just be grateful that it was someone as ridiculous, deluded, divorced from reality and just plain dumb as Victoria Jackson?
    If this was someone who had any credibility in their profesional field, someone who could string a sentence together, someone who didn’t make Sarah Palin look smart by comparison then I could understand the hate, but as it is she’s more to be pittied than hated.


    Aren’t we allowed to stone fat disgusting pigs somewhere in the bible??? :p

  • kayla

    @Ogre Magi: If you’ve actually read the Scripture you reference Mathew 10:34 you know that you have to read the verses following this one to understand the context. Christ wasn’t talking about a literal sword, he was pointing to the fact that if people followed him they would be hated by others, even their own family. In other words Christ was saying he was a rabble rouser come to shake up the establishment. Many anti-Christians purposely take this verse out of context to prove that Christ was some sort of warmonger, when again and again he shows that he was a man of peace. He even prayed for the forgiveness of his executioners. As for all that Christ said having been said before, I don’t see how anyone can read the sermon on the mount and not see that it is beautiful human sentiment…Certainly not found in the old testament nor in the religions of the ancient Greeks or Romans. I haven’t studied eastern religions to say if it is found there…

  • BeachBumChris

    Who would have thought Howard Stern would end up being on our side? I’ve been a Stern fan for years, and he’s done a complete 180 on his attitude on gays. Whenever George Takei is on his show, it’s just golden, some of the best radio out there today. Oh MY!

  • nick

    i might be mistaken but I don’t think the 7 deadly sins were not biblical. so gluttony doesn’t coun in this context but it still funny. not because Stern is calling her fat but pointing out her hypocrisy. Face it she was never funny when she was on SNL, she did absolutely nothing after this and retreated into a sad world of chrstian condemnation. what a disgrace. She’s funny now, but not in a way she’d ever want to be considered. with glasses on she’d look loke Sarah Palin’s blonde, dumpy, dopey sister.

  • nick

    i might be mistaken but I don’t think the 7 deadly sins were not biblical. so gluttony doesn’t coun in this context but it still funny. not because Stern is calling her fat but pointing out her hypocrisy. Face it she was never funny when she was on SNL, she did absolutely nothing after this and retreated into a sad world of chrstian condemnation. what a disgrace. She’s funny now, but not in a way she’d ever want to be considered. with glasses on she’d look like Sarah Palin’s blonde, dumpy, dopey sister.

  • rrr

    @nick: The bible is against gluttony. Here are some example verses:

    Proverbs 23:20: Be not among winebibbers; among riotous eaters of flesh.

    Proverbs 23:21: For the drunkard and the glutton shall come to poverty and drowsiness shall clothe a man with rags.

    Proverbs 23:2 And put a knife to thy throat, if thou be a man given to appetite.

    Proverbs 28:7: He who keeps the law is a wise son, but a companion of gluttons shames his father.

    Sirach 23:6: Let neither gluttony nor lust overcome me, and do not surrender me to a shameless soul.

  • Jeffree

    If you can’t get enough of MsJackson’s rockin’ rants, she has a weekly column at WorldNetDaily! Oh, she’s in good company: Chuck Norris & Pat Boone share their fundie views there as well.
    (your brain will hurt if you spend more than two minutes there….BTW)

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