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If Homosexuals Are Untamed Savage Beasts, Don’t We Want Them Fighting The Taliban?

Because homosexuals do “not have the restraint a normal man has,” they are unfit to serve in the military argues Defend the Family International’s Scott Lively, the deeply respected thought leader and hero to Uganda.

Obviously, then, discharged Lt. Dan Choi is lying on national television. Look at all the homosexuals attacking the reporter!

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    I would love to show my non-restraint towards this hateful, reprehensive, fcuking scumbag and leave him with a mouth full of bloody chicklets…..

  • Samwise

    Jason Jones is so hilarious! I loved it when he recited that enormous list of countries that allow gays to serve openly.

    Can anybody tell me who was on that panel of savage Nazi homosexuals? Dan Choi got a little name caption when he spoke (not that he needed one), but I saw David Mixner in there, and he didn’t get a caption. Who were the three guys in the back?

  • Ghamji

    @Samwise: Back (l to r) Corey Johnson (, Michael Crawford (Freedom to Marry), Jamie McGonnigal (Take Back Pride)

  • Steve

    I knew this would be on here when I saw it last night. Best segment they’ve ever done. Especially when Lively was all like “…I’m not gay.”

    Also, if gays are so vicious, I don’t see why not to have them in the military. I mean, the Nazis were supposedly gay, and they took out 2/3 of European Jews.

  • Baxter

    I never understood why homophobes were so against sending gays out on the battlefield to get shot. It seems like that’d make their mission of getting rid of us much easier.

  • Michael @

    Laugh yes, but don’t believe that because psychopaths like Lively are so easy to mock that NO ONE believes them. Quite the contrary, many in the US do, and, far worse, his “lectures” on the “dangers” of gays in Uganda played a huge role in leading to the wave of rabid homohatred there AND the Kill the Gays bill in their legislature. He also told them that the genocide in Rwanda was the fault of gays.


    “The theme of the event, according to Stephen Langa, its Ugandan organizer, was ‘the gay agenda – that whole hidden and dark agenda’ – and the threat homosexuals posed to Bible-based values and the traditional African family. For three days, according to participants and audio recordings, thousands of Ugandans, including police officers, teachers and national politicians, listened raptly to the Americans [including Lively], who were presented as experts on homosexuality. The visitors discussed how to make gay people straight, how gay men often sodomized teenage boys and how ‘the gay movement is an evil institution’ whose goal is ‘to defeat the marriage-based society and replace it with a culture of sexual promiscuity’.” – The New York Times.

    Here’s video of him “teaching” in Uganda:

    JUST laughing at this guy will NOT stop him!

  • Samwise

    @Ghamji: Thanks, Ghamji!

  • adman

    @Michael @ Kudos for this post, Ghamji, I cna’t recommend it enough. The apathetic gays really need to educate themselves and get an idea of the slander industry at it’s tax-free ghouls our proud republic is touting as a legitimate voices in the public arena. They are murderous, point blank, not just bigots.

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