While you’ve got groups like Geoff Kors’ Equality California signaling they’re gonna wait until 2012 to push for a ballot repeal of Prop 8, Rick Jacob’s Courage Campaign says it’s still aiming for a 2010 effort. According to their latest e-blast, they just need to hit the $100,000 fundraising mark … in the next 60 hours. Or, uh, YOU’LL HAVE TO WAIT TWO MORE YEARS. Or something.

To be sure: Jacobs — who’s been furious with the original No On 8 organizers since well before the election — says he’s already $58,033 for the cause. But they need to hit the $100k mark (or $41,967 more) by August 13, a self-imposed deadline. But that’s still only halfway to the $200,000 total figure required for “research, polling and focus groups” to “determine … the initiative language and messages that will move voters to support marriage equality.”

It’s not clear what happens if the August 13 deadline (which is Thursday) comes and goes without hitting the $100k mark. Does the Courage Campaign quit right there, or charge along underfunded?

The second half of the two-hundred-thousand dollars, meanwhile, is not to be raised by Courage Campaign members, but by the org’s partners, including Marriage Equality USA and Meet in the Middle. What happens if they don’t meet their end of the bargain? That scenario is also unclear — which explains some supporters’ concerns about the fundraising details.

But for now, there is a group of activist organizations to support if you do want to push for a 2010 repeal. Otherwise, start saving your pennies, and reach out to the Equality Californias in a couple years to see if they need some cash. The answer, of course, will be yes.

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