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“I’m queer and proud!” ‘Star Trek’ star Mary Wiseman comes out

Star Trek: Discovery star Mary Wiseman has come out as a proud queer woman.

Wiseman, who plays fan-favorite Ensign Tilly on the series, made the admission in a new interview with In the conversation, writer Dawn Ennis asked Wiseman about a Zoom interview in December which was stymied by technical difficulties. At one point, Wiseman appeared to say “I’m not straight” just as the audio cut out.

Ennis asked Wiseman, 35, for clarification in the new interview, and Wiseman was ready to set the record straight…or not straight, in her case.

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“I did say this! It’s not a big deal at all,” Wiseman confirmed. “I just didn’t want to say I’m straight when I’m not! Before Noah [Averbach-Katz, Wiseman’s husband and co-star], I dated and loved people of all genders. I never liked it when straight-presenting women dominated conversations about bisexuality/pansexuality when I was with women, so I try not to do it now, but I also don’t want it to feel like I’m hiding anything because I’m queer and proud!”

Star Trek: Discovery has won wide praise for its inclusion of LGBTQ people on both sides of the camera. Co-creator Bryan Fuller, actors Anthony Rapp, Wilson Cruz, Blu Del Barrio and Ian Alexander all identify as queer. In addition, the show features the gay couple Hugh & Paul (played by Rapp & Cruz), as well as their adoptive trans/non-binary child Adira (played by Del Barrio) and Adira’s trans/non-bianary former lover, Gray (Alexander).