iris robinson

Imagine If Anti-Gay American Politicians Left Office After Revealing They’re Hypocritcal Cheaters?

Iris Robinson, the Irish lawmaker who you only care about because she makes terrible statements about the gays and was outed for having an affair with a much younger twink, has resigned from parliament. We’re told it’s hard to cast votes on bills while stowed away at a mental health facility.

What’s quite unfathomable, then, is that while Robinson is embroiled in shame and scandal, and opting to leave office, in the United States we have very similar situations — but with none of the consequences. From Nevada Sen. John Ensign to South Carolina’s Gov. Mark Sanford, we’ve got a couple of raging homophobes whose own extramarital affairs were exposed, but with none of this “having to give up their jobs” nonsense. Like, kudos to them for withstanding such public scrutiny and wishing to “serve the public” from the arena of douchebaggery.

Well, here’s to you.