International Mustache Hall Of Fame Now Accepting Nominations

November_MustacheGIF_700x400Great news for mustache enthusiasts! An official International Mustache Hall of Fame is coming soon.

The American Mustache Institute (yep, it’s a thing) is accepting nominations for the the International Mustache Hall of Fame through November. The first inductees will be announced on February 11. Why then? Because that’s the birthday of actor Burt Reynolds, “one of the greatest mustached Americans in history.”

According to AMI’s website, the organization is dedicated to “protecting the rights of, and fighting discrimination against mustached Americans, by promoting the growth, care, and culture of the mustache.” In addition to launching the International Mustache Hall of Fame, AMI has offered the Robert Goulet Memorial Mustached American of the Year Award to one lucky recipient every year since 2008 and hosts an annual “‘Stash Bash” each Halloween.

“The global facial hair and attractiveness communities have been pining for a proper place to honor those who have brought great mustaches to our world,” Adam Paul Causgrove, chief executive of the American Mustache Institute, said in a press release. “We’ve been working with noted halls of fame honoring everything from baseball to hot dogs to ensure we provide an appropriate experience.”

According to the press release, the year one induction process will go as follows:

1.  Through Nov. 30, the general public — including clean-shaven mortals — may nominate worthy candidates for the International Hall of Fame, potentially including American and global leaders past and present, 80’s television personalities, former pro wrestlers, at

2.  In December, the Hall of Fame Inductee Commission (HOFIC) will begin a thorough quantitative and qualitative analysis, as well as a background examination of each nominee.

3.  The HOFIC will then break leading nominees into vertical categories from areas across humankind including politics, entertainment, business, sports, astrophysics, horseshoe fitting, and other segments of society.

4.  On February 11 — the birthday of Burt Reynolds — the inaugural inductees will be announced in a glorious ceremony befit of a sexually dynamic person of mustache.

Nominations will be accepted through November 30 and can be submitted at

Guys, that gives you exactly one month to start working on your mustaches.

h/t: UPI

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