Karma's calling

The internet is gleeful over rumors that Wendy Williams’ husband cheated on her with a man

Wendy Williams has been having a tough time since it was revealed her husband of 22 years, Kevin Hunter, fathered a child with his mistress. Then this week, she was dealt another blow when rumors surfaced claiming Hunter also had an ongoing sexual relationship with a man while married to her.

In a recent episode of the podcast “The Breakfast Club,” host Charlamagne The God, played a clip from an interview with R&B crooner Aveon Falstar.

“It wasn’t a sexual relationship. It was much more of an ‘abusement’ relationship,” Falstar alleged. “It was much more of a put me down and keep me as your boy toy relationship. We did [have sex] … He came over and practically raped me at 3 o’clock in the morning.”

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Falstar, who is now married to a woman, also talked about the time he and Hunter allegedly performed oral sex on one another in a sauna before “we did each other in the butt.”

Hunter’s lawyers quickly rushed out a statement calling the claims “baseless and are completely false,” but that hasn’t stopped folks on Twitter from expressing their glee over the matter. Many feel as though karma is finally catching up to the embattled talk show host.

Williams, of course, has built her career on spreading gossip and lies about other celebrities, including feeding into gay rumors about numerous people, mostly rappers. She’s also made a number of homophobic, biphobic, and transphobic remarks over the years, some of which she has apologized for, others she has not.

Now, the tweets…

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