The Internet’s Been Jamming Out To Janet Jackson’s “Nasty” Ever Since Trump’s “Nasty Woman” Comment


Between Wednesday evening’s debate debacle and last night’s painful Al Smith Dinner, it’s been a pretty sad week for American politics. But it’s been just the opposite for Janet Jackson.

The pregnant pop icon isn’t just back in the headlines, her music is blowing up the charts on Spotify. And it’s all thanks to Donald Trump.

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It all started at the end of Wednesday night’s debate, when Trump decided to cap off the evening by interrupting Hillary Clinton’s remarks on tax policy to accuse her of being a “nasty woman.”

The comment was meant to be a personal dig at Clinton, but all it really served to do was once again highlight Trump’s tendencies towards misogyny. That, and it reminded people of Janet Jackson’s awesome 1986 hit “Nasty” from her breakout album Control.

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Memes featuring Clinton’s face superimposed over Janet’s began flooding social media. Streams of the song spiked 250 percent–250 percent!–on Spotify. Then fan made videos like this began emerging:

Janet, who hasn’t had a bona fide hit in some time, has yet to comment on her sudden newfound relevance in the 2016 presidential campaign, though we’re sure she’s just delighted. Here’s hoping Trump’s afterthought will have the side effect of exposing “Nasty,” and the rest of Miss Jackson’s catalogue, to a whole new generation of music listeners.

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