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Ireen Wüst Is The Best: Gold Medal for Dutch Lesbian Speedskater

She did it again. Four years ago, lesbian Dutch speedskater Ireen Wüst won gold for the 1,500 (oops) 3,000-meter race in Turin. Today, she repeated history.

“Pulling all the pieces together, I’m so proud and happy,” she says of winning gold for the 1,500 meter race this time around (she won bronze in the event in 2006). “I can’t describe how happy I am. I don’t have words for it. I think I’m the happiest person on Earth right now.”

Those are the words of the athlete who was worried talk about her sexuality was overtaking the reason she is in Vancouver: to win. And even we could feel the tears brewing on the medal podium as she received the gold medal around her neck.

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  • Wim Prange

    Correction: Ireen Wüst won gold for the 3,000m in Turin, not 1,500. She won bronze for the 1,500 there. Both medals were a huge surprise because she was virtually unknown on the international stage.

    Her win today was also rather a surprise. Her Canadian rivals dominated this particular distance until today.

  • schlukitz

    Well done, Ireen.

  • Daniel

    Ireen says “I think I’m the happiest person on Earth right now.”

    So… it is safe to say in that moment she was the gayest person on Earth. :D

    BTW when two Dutch people go on a date and split the bill is it called “Going… something else.”? :D

  • fredo777

    She was worried that talk about her sexuality was overtaking her real aim for competing + we do a story focusing on her being lesbian? >_>

  • AlwaysGay

    I’m so happy for her. What her and Matthew Mitcham’s gold medals prove is you can be openly gay and compete at the highest level and win. It’s all down to preparation.

  • Artemis Eneldo

    Everyone wants to see something of themselves in this pinnacle of human endeavor we call the Olympics.

    Of course, gays and lesbians want to see our own people compete and win. It is uplifting. And that they are winning outside the closet is even better.

    When gays and lesbians are completely equal worldwide, it won’t be news. I hope that day come soon.

    Until that day comes, it is not only news, but GOOD news for gays and lesbians.

  • Wen

    Correction! Its @ 2:00 minutes exactly (and not 3:17).

  • XèniaBCN


    the vid can’t be seen outside the Netherlands……… ;(

    but thanks anyway Wen!!! :)

  • Wen

    @10 XeniaBCN, I can’t fix that, but thanks for letting me know!
    @11 Pinsel, excellent, that works!

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