Is 49ers Quarterback Colin Kaepernick Dating Gay Circuit DJ Luis Perez?

perez-kaepernickWord on the street is that San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick was seen getting “cozy” and “comfortable” with openly gay circuit DJ Luis Perez at the Sports Illustrated Super Bowl party last weekend. Another gay false alarm, or secret gay power couple to watch?

Pictures of the handsome pair together sparked rumors after Perez posted them to his Facebook page (here and here), only to be mysteriously taken down and tucked away within a matter of hours. Maybe the photos were unflattering? Maybe their love is nothing more than a bromance? Maybe Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black were just friends having coffee together, right?

Kaepernick famously dumped his girlfriend as soon as he landed a contract with the NFL in 2012 and has undergone a stylish makeover as of late, recently being named the “most stylish man in the NFL” by GQ. Some have credited his dapper transformation as being a tool for securing a new contract with the 49ers, while others suggest it’s the touch of a more stylish influence in his life.

Is Colin Kaepernick even gay, or just another straight man with designer pocket squares and turtlenecks?

Before you form an opinion, you obviously must see Kaepernick’s naked spread in ESPN’s 2013 Body Issue:

007_E072213BWWXXX.A016 colin-kaepernick-espn-the-magazine-the-body-issue-the-jasmine-brand Colin-Kaepernick-ESPN-Body-Issue-2013-Video-02-2013-07-09

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  • dale landefeld

    it’s about time ya’ll got togetha

  • litper

    I’m glad that beautiful ass is getting some man-love

  • jimbryant

    Male-male relations have a lot of shades and degrees. They can be very “complex” in a psychological sense.

    For example, you can have a very intimate relationship between two men who identify as straight. They may touch each other and sleep together but they’re not going to take it to the level of sexual penetration.

    Then you have men who develop strong bonds of camaraderie which are based on shared sexual interest in women. Their relationships as men are based on having a good time together but having sex only with women. This is the “men are for pleasure, women are for babies” philosophy.

    In other cases, you have men who want the feeling of something in their anuses. They have a fetish for anal filling. They are attracted to anybody or anything that will fill their anus. If it’s a man who will do it, so be it. However, this does not mean that they are oriented towards men sexually.

    Take home message – male sexuality can be a very complicated thing that cannot always be owned by traditional labels.

  • litper

    Haha, I couldn’t wait till right-wing troll response…

  • Dixie Rect

    In order to be a ‘power couple’ don’t you have to be somewhat famous or at least recognizable?

  • Manchester

    @litper: LOL!

  • Scribe38

    @queerty is there any NFL player that you people don’t believe is secretly gay? Is it a crime just to be seen with a gay guy? Nothing you guys are doing on this subject is helping the gay rights movement. Please grow up and stop trying to out people who wouldn’t give you the time of day.

  • litper

    @Scribe38: is there any closeted NFL player right wing trolls haven’t defended?

  • ppp111


    I know right? LMAO! I for one thoroughly enjoy this shit! What’s funny is that the quarterbacks mentioned (Rodgers and Kaepernick) are guys I find extremely attractive. Matter-of-fact, when the issue of the gay NFL players came up last year, someone at SFgate forums brought up his name. I immediately responded that Kaepernick was someone I would have thought of as well. I’m not afraid to admit that I’d rather have guys like Kaepernick and Rodgers on Queerty than Tom Daley any day. Granted, the football players are probably straight (as far as we know) but I find them more my type than Daley.

  • Rad

    All that money and no rhinoplasty? He’s straight.

  • KDub

    @Scribe38: I literally lol’ed. So true. According to this site, pretty much every popular player is secretly gay, might be gay or has been gay at some point lol. So pathetic.

  • Fitz

    Nothing builds straight allies faster than calling them gay when they show a little affection! Good work!

  • Scribe38

    @litper: lol. I am not right wing. I voted for Obama twice, donate to pro-choice groups, gay male with same dude for 20 years. I am out, blk, and f*cking proud. I just don’t believe people should be outed or gay men sooo sad that they need famous folks to be drugged out of the closet to feel okay about their lives. The dude throws a ball for a living (very well, I am a fan) and that is the only part of him that the public deserves.
    @ppp111: yea I still hold onto his sport illustrated issue he is hot, but I don’t believe he is gay.

  • dutchman67

    @jimbryant: Jimbryant. I would hazard a guess that most men who “want something put in their anus” are probably gay. Or are you trying out some Denial?

  • dutchman67

    @Scribe38: Yeah, yeah, yeah. But you WOULD jump on that in a New York minute, right?

  • nogoaway

    I know right, gossiping about people possibly being gay on a gay website? Who do they think they are?! And KDub, you’re so right, TWO whole football players have been rumored to be gay here recently. Don’t they know that no football players are ever gay and even if they are you should never, ever speculate about it. It will single handedly ruin the entire gay rights movement.

    Can everybody pull the stick out of their asses here. Jesus Christ who are these commenters.

    By the way the only interesting thing about this is the pictures. Does anybody know where they could be seen?

  • litper

    @nogoaway: I agree, how DARE we discuss people’s sexuality especially since all gay NFL players are too chickenshit to come out. There is a reason for “drugging” these people out of closet. It’s 2014 ffs and they’re embarassment for our community just like gay republicans.

  • macmantoo

    Kap attended college here in Reno and there was never any gossip about him being gay. The gay community isn’t that big but I’m sure he could have found someone at college. I know his tats are religious in nature so I’m not sure whether he would he put all kinds of religious tats and be gay. But then again I was wrong once.

  • litper

    @ppp111: seems like you have a “straight” fetish

  • ppp111


    Damn straight;-)! And yes that was an intended pun

  • litper

    @macmantoo: a college football kid who just came out is a catholic who thinks gay sex is a sin… gay people can be fundies too

  • litper

    @ppp111: straight = vagina = barf. Don’t find anything attractive there. This fetish comes from 1950s logic: gay = woman.

  • ppp111


    What? Nothing wrong with his nose? I love it! And everything else about his body. The tats don’t bother me either.

  • ppp111


    Oh please! It’s all in good fun. Loosen up! LOL

  • skcord

    Funny how it’s never the ugly guy suspected of being secretly gay : )

  • nogoaway

    @skcord have you ever heard of Mike Myers or Ed Koch or countless others. Of course attractive people will be more gossiped about. Yours is a typical excuse, do you think you’re being original or something.

    Also weird that you consider Kaepernick to be attractive. A lot of people think he’s ugly (I think he’s hot though). Why wouldn’t gays target Brady or Eric Decker if they were just going for looks.

  • litper

    @skcord: like Larry Craig, the sex-symbol of the US politics

  • Bob LaBlah

    If I were him I would have demanded the same thing. Who here amongst can actually say they wouldn’t mind someone whom you met at a gathering, thought was cute, cozied up to a few times and then they put the pics on social media with the obvious intentions of “look who’s gay and guess whose got’em’?

  • Scribe38

    @dutchman67: lol. Once or twice. I prefer guys shorter than I am. I normally go for short, bear/cub types, but yeah he’s hot. Maybe a little too pretty for me.

    @litper: A man doing his job isn’t ANYTHING like a Republican/gay voting against our rights. This dude hasn’t said one anti-gay thing that I know of. But why stop at sports stars lets out every guy in the closet. Lets go in every house look up their internet history and pull these f*uckers into the street. Post their pictures on light poles. Wtf is wrong with you dude. I am cool with being gay, I love my dude and don’t need a QB to come out to make me feel good. BTW do you even watch football regularly to make any judgment on this guy’s behavior?

  • DShucking

    So basically all a public figure need be is attractive for us to spread rumors about them being gay.

  • nogoaway

    @DShucking: Basically you’re an idiot. The thing that started these rumors were pictures (that nobody can even see), not the fact that he’s “attractive.”

  • DShucking

    @nogoaway: I’m not an idiot, I was being facetious. Now go get AIDS.

  • nogoaway

    @DShucking: Alright well obviously I shouldn’t have called you an idiot. That was wrong, I apologize. But you are annoying and predictable.

  • DShucking

    @nogoaway: Annoying, yes. Predictable? Wrong. I’m actually one of those people who does not come in here and slag off Queerty for being gossipy. I am absolutely gossipy myself and while I don’t think this guy is attractive in the face, he has a nice body. Now where are the pics that started this whole thing because I’ve never heard this rumor until now. Also, the pics of Rodgers with his roommate/assistant/BFF are reason enough to ask the question and I was totally down with that. P.S. Sorry about the AIDS thing. I’m a bitch.

  • tjr101

    No doubt Kaepernick is my type, but given the numerous voluptuous women he’s dated and well having the bible literally tattooed all over his body. The guy is as straight as an unused nail.

  • nogoaway

    @DShucking: It’s fine I’m a bitch as well. Yes that’s what I said in another post, the only interesting thing about this is the pics, they’ve been taken down and I wasn’t able to find them anywhere in a small amount of searching. If we could see them we could see if they were truly suspicious or not, as it is this article is pointless.

  • DShucking

    @tjr101: Didn’t he come out in support of marriage equality or a noh8 campaign or something like that?

  • DShucking

    @nogoaway: We’ll find them. :)

  • ppp111


    I don’t believe Kaepernick has ever done any kind of marriage equality ad. I know other athletes have but I’m almost certain Kaep hasn’t. While I’ve never heard of him publicly supporting us he’s never made any derogatory statements about gay people either. The same goes for Aaron Rodgers although some people might take his ‘really, really loves women’ statement another way, I don’t believe it was intended to be homophobic.

  • DShucking

    @ppp111: Well then I am confused by the different personalities because I haven’t been keeping up. I know there are some sports personalities who are our allies but because I can’t stand sport, I lose track of the players.

  • DShucking

    ppp111 , I agree. It’s easy to read too much into what someone says.

  • Deepdow


    Your first two examples are so positive, and demonstrably expressed within the straight perspective whilst your last example conflate subjective sex acts as the the totality of exclusive male homosexuality (or so it seems).
    Nice move there.
    I wonder, though, what drives a troll such as yourself. Your pathos betrays a self hate, a contempt, for actual homosexuality, yet your comments are clever in how you resolve your dilemma.
    You’re kind of one of the worst kinds of commenters.
    Pity this earnest website has you for its barnacle.

  • Respect4all

    Who cares?

  • SteveDenver

    I hope that gorgeous booty is being used for more than just sitting and shitting.

  • the other Greg

    @Deepdow: I’ve found that with jimbryant’s longer psychological ramblings, it helps if you imagine him saying it aloud in an Austrian accent, in 19th-century garb like Sigmund Freud. But in this particular case, during that last paragraph, imagine him shoving a carrot up his anus.

  • litper

    @Scribe38: “Lets go in every house look up their internet history and pull these f*uckers into the street. Post their pictures on light poles”

    sounds like a great idea, at least we’ll know the true numbers of gay (and especially bi) people

  • alanj

    @the other Greg:
    Well that works for me. I’d actually given up reading them, now they make far more sense.

  • charwegl

    Here we freaking go again. Queerty used to be a respected source that reported important news to the LGBTQ community. Lately it’s turned into TMZ or Entertainment Tonight.

  • jslick7in

    Who cares if he’s gay or not…he’s a good looking guy and if he wan’t to show it off like in these pics…it’s there for all of us to enjoy!!

  • jimbryant

    Oh, please, a lot of you are just jealous of me. You’re jealous because I have the ability to discuss issues without being hostage to traditional labels and modern-day PC thinking processes. A lot of you have fallen victim to the latter in particular, sad to say.

    I repeat what I implied earlier, and that is that fetish can over-ride orientation. You see this in straight men who have a fetish for anal filling. The fetish is in the sensation. These men have no interest sexually in men but they will accept men who are prepared to fill them.

    If that grates, so be it. Put some ice on it.

  • nichols evelyn

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  • jimbryant

    Nicholas evelyn,

    Tell your uncle Jace to put his Mazda where the sun don’t shine.

  • LadywithaLamp

    I don’t care whether they are gay or not…Thanks for the eye candy Queerty.

  • the other Greg

    @jimbryant: “Nicholas evelyn,
    Tell your uncle Jace to put his Mazda where the sun don’t shine.”

    Wow! Apparently some straight guys need a LOT of anal filling!

  • the other Greg

    @jimbryant: I learned about “straight men who have a fetish for anal filling” from Dan Savage, who is pretty PC.

    I’d certainly never heard about that phenomenon in my day-to-day life because, well, it really never comes up for us non-neurotic gay guys. (No offense.)

    So we don’t need to learn about “straight men who have a fetish for anal filling” from you. In fact we don’t need to learn about it at all.

    But the way you say “zenzation,” Herr Doctor Professor, and that carrot prop! – hilarious.

  • BJ McFrisky

    Who the fuck cares if they’re dating? Stop making them part of your fantasies and leave them alone.

  • skcord

    @nogoaway What excuse was being made and for what? You are making assumptions about my intent based on a single sentence. Originality aside, it was a joke! Calm down buddy…

  • Spike

    Jay who? What major gay circuit parties has he played. Never heard of him.

  • balehead

    This sounds like stalking….

  • Dev.C

    I don’t really understand why questioning if someone is gay or assuming so is always seen as a negative. It’s a problem that being thought of as gay is a bad thing or something criminal. That kind of subconscious self-loathing way of thinking needs to be completely exorcised from the gay community.

  • viveutvivas

    @the other Greg, LOL.

  • RK

    It would be nice if they were. However, it is ironic how these supposedly tough dudes are such pussies and insecure about who they are and remain closeted. Until we reach the point that a guy’s masculinity isn’t questioned because he is gay, we have a long way to go. Though it is changing as more guys feel more secure to come out.

  • Designermax

    I’ve read through some of the Comments. My thoughts? I think Colin is about positioning, and marketing… NOT DRAMA!!! If you read the article, “he broke up with his girlfirend” the day after signing his NFL Contract. If Luis Perez is (or now possibly in the “Was”-column) dating Colin Kaepernick, that might be in serious jeopardy by Luis’s posting the photos. At the end of the Day— Forget who’s dating him!!! He is all about protecting his “rice bowl” (livelihood/longevity). I could be wrong—Right now it’s all media image, not relationships, That’s ALL!!!

  • Kangol


    His nose is beautiful as is. Such a sexy man. If he is gay/bi, I hope he’s with someone who can appreciate him for who he really is, and vice versa.

  • DarthKitsune

    Gay/Bi/Straight I don’t care, Colin is hotness incarnate!

  • darkanser

    I’m trying to imagine who would think Kaepernick is ugly — with that boyish face and hot body. I’m confident he has a fan club a couple miles long.

  • D P

    @DarthKitsune: — I agree! @darkanser: — count me among the many!

    I found Colin Kaepernick attractive and compelling from the first glimpse and from the first understanding about the man. I was cautious, because I seriously dislike anyone who doesn’t accept gays and their rights and tolerance is *not* enough. Kaepernick is someone I admire, embrace [until I learn something negative otherwise] and someone I wish I could get down with. Period. To me, he’s almost on a level with David Beckham, my GOD.

  • balehead

    So if someone is attractive or has style they are Gay?….This is so sad…just like the posters on here believing these self hate cliches…

  • Mdterp01

    Yeah I’m not sure there is anything to the Kaep rumors. Then again, he is a Kappa and they have a reputation among the Black fraternities for having a lot of gay and down low members.

  • misterhollywood

    Great article and I think you guys have done a wonderful job on reporting issues related to Colin K. We have an article up that explores his sexual orientation in detail and have linked back to Queerty as part of the exploration. We have also done the same thing for Aaron Rodgers.

    What is interesting here is the culture of the NFL in terms of gay players. It seems like it is an evolving saga with this because some days you hear some very supportive statements and other days you hear things that are just flat out ugly and unwelcoming.

    My own thoughts are that if the NFL embraced gay players, they would see an enormous spike in their fan base … bigtime!

    Great post Queerty – love you guys.

    Mister Hollywood

  • Jessie R

    @dutchman67: “I would hazard a guess that most men who “want something put in their anus” are probably gay.”

    I hate to even partially agree with jimbryant, but there are plenty of straight guys who are curious about or like anal penetration. Hence why pegging is a thing, and why TS woman porn is a popular straight fetish.

  • enlightenone

    @ppp111: The “Daley” part I agree! Queerty is obsessed w/Daley, why? I would like for Daley to spend some time out of the public eye to grow up a little.

  • enlightenone

    @jimbryant: If they are not oriented towards men and it’s only a fetish to have something “stuffed in their anus,” then a cucumber would do! Human beings aren’t objects – they are “complex” to much to deal with for anal “fetish.”

  • enlightenone

    @macmantoo: Religion and gay can mix (though I consider myself to be spiritual); it’s the dogma that would put gay people in conflict if they believe and try to make sense of it.

  • enlightenone

    @D P: Count me in the “Club!”


    Now there is a quarterback with a tight end……………….

  • Marky

    Aww. If we can assume that men and women together are always in a relationship, we can assume that two guys that are always together are in a relationship. Simple as that.

  • Idunno

    WHO GIVES A CRAP! I’m shocked by all the comments.

  • pscheck2

    It’s annoying and also, amazing to find so many ‘posts’ to this article defending him and blasting away at anyone who suggests he is gay! I’m assuming most of the ‘posters’ are gay (or bi) and their shrillness in their responses is mind boggling! Hey, guys, do you hate being gay? You should be proud (if you’re gay) and be ready to welcome a stud like Kaepernick to the fold (after a number of denials, a la Wentworth Miller)! Don’t worry, he will survive these rumors, true or not, he doesn’t appear to be the worrying type.

  • slinky49

    “Is he gay,” is typically code speak for “could I have sex with him”…and the answer is almost always, “NO”.

  • Tombear

    This guy is a dog. I woundn’t do him with you guy’s dicks. NOW Tim Tebow, that is prime manmeat! Now some queen on here is going to say that if I had the opportunity I would do Colin Kaepernick. No I wouldn’t. He is as attractive as a house plant to me. Tebow, I would have to put a gag in his mouth because I wouldn’t want to hear about being saved but yes I would do Tebow!

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