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Is This Turkey’s First Gay Bedroom Scene?

Hürriyet Video’lar?n? izlemek için Flash 7 veya daha yüksek eklenti yüklenmeniz gerekmektedir. Yüklemek için t?klay?n?z!!!

“This video,” writes reader Peter, “is the first gay scene on Turkish television.” That’s great news! But not anything I can independently confirm, since I don’t want much programming straight out of Turkey. I also have no idea what’s going on in this program, besides the whole “two guys are into each other” angle, though Google Translate helps with the description:

Valley of the Wolves, the former producer of the new series of exams Osman Kilic day same-sex couples in the bedroom scene, the audience was surprised. The family’s gay son in the series Kiziltan Peace, appeared half naked in bed with a lover. These images are a first for Turkish television.

I searched around, and Valley of the Wolves Iraq (original name: Kurtlar Vadisi: Irak) is actually a movie about the Iraq war from 2006, which was based on a television series that ran from 2003-05 and was quite popular. So either this clip is from several years ago, or it’s one of the first times they aired the gay stuff on television?

Either way, it’s apparently a milestone for Turkish television, so enjoy!