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Is This Turkey’s First Gay Bedroom Scene?

Hürriyet Video’lar?n? izlemek için Flash 7 veya daha yüksek eklenti yüklenmeniz gerekmektedir. Yüklemek için t?klay?n?z!!!

“This video,” writes reader Peter, “is the first gay scene on Turkish television.” That’s great news! But not anything I can independently confirm, since I don’t want much programming straight out of Turkey. I also have no idea what’s going on in this program, besides the whole “two guys are into each other” angle, though Google Translate helps with the description:

Valley of the Wolves, the former producer of the new series of exams Osman Kilic day same-sex couples in the bedroom scene, the audience was surprised. The family’s gay son in the series Kiziltan Peace, appeared half naked in bed with a lover. These images are a first for Turkish television.

I searched around, and Valley of the Wolves Iraq (original name: Kurtlar Vadisi: Irak) is actually a movie about the Iraq war from 2006, which was based on a television series that ran from 2003-05 and was quite popular. So either this clip is from several years ago, or it’s one of the first times they aired the gay stuff on television?

Either way, it’s apparently a milestone for Turkish television, so enjoy!

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    Suddenly I am really in the mood for a turkey sandwich…….. :p

  • nelson

    Turkish guys are hot.

  • Ken S

    I’ve heard that in Turkey it’s generally not really a big deal to a guy to have sex with another guy… as long as a) nobody talks about it; and b) you don’t call him anything other than straight because of it. So, turkey sandwich guy above, hope you like hot gay-ish homophobes?

  • Eren

    Yes, Ken S. What you heard is very accurate, since what one person “hears” is a very scientific way to assess societal attitudes about a country.

    And presumably you are from USA, a rather backwards country when it comes to homosexuality, with bunch of “gay-ish homophobes”, some of whom support death laws in Uganda or become homophobic preachers or politicians, so your comments are rather ironic.

    I’m Turkish, gay and not homophobic, and there are lots like me.

  • Cam

    Actually, the very strict Waahabist clerics in Saudi Arabia wouldn’t know what to protest about on this Turkish program. The two guys in bed, or the woman in the skirt.

    Seriously though, this is on about the same level of “Gayness” as American TV will explore So Good for Turkey!

  • CT

    “Even such an innocent scene is something. In fact, it already provoked accusations of “indecency” from certain circles in Turkey.

    It is a scene from Turkish TV series “Day of Sword” which tells the story of “one small guy’s war against a giant evil corporation”. The youngest son of the head of corporation is gay and, as per director of the TV series, they do not propagate “indecency” but show thoroughly the character of the evil. I could sense that the ‘salt’ would be in presentation of the character. In this case, ‘gay as part of the evil package’ :)

    Reportedly, it is the first time such scene was shown on Turkish TV.”

  • Ken S

    @Eren: You’re free to presume, but you’d be wrong. I’m Canadian, not American. Big difference; we legalized gay marriage years ago, drink more, and handle the cold better. Also, in this country homophobia’s become something that’s generally considered embarrassing and shameful, not a virtue to be touted during elections.

  • Chris

    @Ken S: If he exists, then god bless canada :)

  • Jaroslaw

    Eren – I get your point, but I think Ken S using the term “from what I hear” – meaning he’s reading, the same as you are reading about the USA, unless of course, you’ve been here and even then, the USA is a rather large place. The USA is a pile of contradictions due at least in part to the way our country was founded – people from everywhere. The indigenous people lost control centuries ago.

    Now, I read that Turkey is much more enlightened than most Islamic countries, with a secular government (most others have Theocracies if not in law, in fact)still I didn’t know Turkey was a Gay paradise.

    So… do tell us all about it!

  • Greg Theron

    HAHA! My mother has these channels! I love it! I should start watching myself…

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