programming note

It’s The Ted + Gayle Haggard Show. Literally

TLC is quickly becoming the network that’s less about learning and more about image rehabilitation. First Sarah Palin, now Ted Haggard. With his new St. James Church growing, Ted is ready to conquer new mountains. Like reality television. He’s inked a deal for the one-hour special Ted Haggard: Scandalous, airing Jan. 16, and is likely a test to see if there’s a market for a full-blown series about the one-time meth user. It’s based on just five days of filming that took place in June; cameras roll just as he and wife Gayle are launching their new church. And while Ted says he’s “just heard the documentary will be on … I don’t have any idea about a series,” you can be sure the man with a penchant for reaching large audiences would love to start feeding his habit again.