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Ivanka’s husband may have already flipped on her dad and things could get real messy real quick

Better get your teacups out because it’s almost tea time!

Michael Cohen made a very bold declaration yesterday on Twitter when he said he believes Jared Kushner has already flipped on his father-in-law and may be secretly working with investigators.

“Interesting how Jared Kushner (#SecretaryOfEverything) name appears to be absent from all the controversy, indictments and arrests,” he tweeted. “Is he next to fall or a cooperating witness? Knowing what a snake he is, I bet the latter!”

Cohen’s tweet was referencing a 2017 report by CNN in which Kushner was declared the “secretary of everything” since Trump basically handed everything off to him.

Of course, this is all just speculation coming from the Twitter page of one of Trump’s biggest enemies. But at the same time, it doesn’t seem completely outside the realm of possibility.

Last month, multiple media outlets reported that Ivanka Trump has been “distancing” herself from her father and scaling back on family visits. Meanwhile, Jared has become an “increasingly rare” presence in his life.

Cohen’s prediction also jives with claims made by Mary Trump, who told Rachel Maddow earlier this month that she fully expects Ivanka to flip on her dad eventually.

“His relationship with them, and their relationship with him, is entirely transactional and conditional,” she said. “They’re not going to risk anything for him, just as he wouldn’t risk anything for them.”

In a followup interview with Molly Jong-Fast on the podcast The New Abnormal, Mary said she thinks Ivanka has too much to lose by staying loyal to her father.

“I think Ivanka has, one, more to lose and, two, more to hang onto,” she opined. “Her husband’s family is legitimately very wealthy.”

Jared is said to be worth around $800 million, mostly due to his family’s shady real estate business. Meanwhile, Ivanka is said to be worth around $300 million, bringing their total net worth as a couple to just over $1 billion.

Here’s what people on Twitter are saying about the whole thing…

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